It is defined if the priest Renato Rasgido goes to trial for sexual abuse | Almost 9 years after the complaint

The complaint of aggravated sexual abuse against the priest from Catamarca Renato Torn was filed in 2014, since then the defense of the priest delayed the judicial process again and again forcing the Appeals Chamber of the province to decide accordingly. Today, at 10 o’clock, the maids will have to decide again if the case should be tried by a criminal court.

In March 2014, the mother of a teenager reported that her son was sexually abused and corrupted by the priest they trusted. The events took place in the department Andalgala and she found out what was happening after saving her son who tried to commit suicide frightened by the priest.

Rasgido was the first priest of the Diocese of Catamarca to be reported for sexual abuse. Four prosecutors were inhibited at that time from investigating the case, until the prosecutor Marta Snow ddecided to take it forward. The dilatory process faced by the defender of the priest was evident, to the point that the cause came to be debated 3 times, in 2019, 2020 and the last time in april 2021when he appealed again.

The priest was accused of the crimes of aggravated simple sexual abuse, simple sexual abuse in ideal contest with corruption of minors and sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access in ideal contest with corruption, todos aggravated by the condition of minister of worship.

During the long process Nieva retired and will be another representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the province who should take the file according to what the Court of Appeals decides today.

The hearing will be held in person. According to the survivor’s lawyer, Silvia Barrientosthe survivor will be present.


The events reported against Rasgido occurred in May and November 2012 when the survivor was 13 years old. According to the adolescent’s account, they happened in the Andalgalá parish, and also in the Parochial House of the town of Aconquija.

Rasgido was never arrested despite the serious accusation against him and the repeated requests of the lawsuit. The priest intimidated the boy and threatened him not to tell what he did to him.


Since Rasgido was denounced, four more priestsall of the diocese of Catamarca were denounced for acts of sexual abuse committed against boys and girls.

In 2015, the Juan de Dios Gutierrez He was accused of committing abuse against a teenager in the Belén department. In April of last year and after 6 years of delays, Gutiérrez became the first to be sentenced to 12 years in prison although only on Wednesday of last week was he taken to jail after the sentence became final.

In 2018 monsignor Moses Pachadowho held for many years the position of Vicar General of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Valley, was accused of abusing a girl. This case is still in process, and the priest was charged with the abuse.

In December 2021, the parish priest Eduardo Lopez Marquez and the priest Pablo Batallan (now deceased) were accused of raping a 12-year-old boy. The prosecutor who had to investigate the cause and without a request from the priest’s defense, decided on her own initiative to benefit him, giving the cause as prescribed. The decision was appealed this month by the complainant’s lawyers who also requested a jury for the prosecutor.

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It is defined if the priest Renato Rasgido goes to trial for sexual abuse | Almost 9 years after the complaint