Is masturbation the best way to reverse our boredom?

Masturbating, you know, there is nothing wrong with it, quite the opposite, although some think that the pandemic is responsible for a new onanist epidemic.

Sex in general, and masturbation in particular, have a wide range of benefits for our health, such as good cardiovascular maintenance operations, and it doesn’t matter what reason we choose to dedicate ourselves to them. But given the choice, are there better reasons than others?

As Reddit user Cryptosporadic asked about 7 months ago: “Has anyone else experienced high volume masturbation during the pandemic? Things have gotten so bad on this side of things that now I’m masturbating out of boredom. Even now that the lockdown seems to be winding down I’m not really interested in girls anymore. I find it much easier to put on my helmet and go to the tug-of-war factory. I fear that I have spoiled myself with the amount of straws that I gave myself during the last months of isolation.

Something like this may not even surprise us now, used to the new state of things, having spent more time cooped up than the animals in the zoo, with little to do but work and vegetate on the couch. One of the advantages of spending the day in pajamas is that we have a lot of time to dedicate to ourselves, or better yet, to specific parts of ourselves, instead of spending time working, socializing or wandering around aimlessly.

Even couples who were couples before the pandemic are having less sex than before. Is there any better alternative to proper sex than this? “Pleasure is an excellent remedy against stress”, says sex trainer and educator Ashley Manta, “and it’s understandable that many feel intense concern amid the pandemic.” But masturbation does much more than provide you with physical pleasure while you kill time in isolation, it can also help you relax in ways that you couldn’t even reach by watching Netflix or opening a bottle of your favorite wine.

According to the director of training for the sex toy company Satisfyer, Megwyn White, our orgasm “releases ‘feel good’ triggers such as endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin, which help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and balance emotions. moods”. She further adds that orgasm has been shown to keep brain function in tune, help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and lower the risk of catching a cold or the flu by activating cells known to fight infectious disease.”

If you are self-medicating with straws, from here we want to make sure that you are not doing wrong

So regardless of the reason why you have decided to masturbate, it is worth knowing that “self-esteem” not only protects us from infections, but also from another enemy that stalks us from the pandemic jungle: depression. When you masturbate, your body also releases dopamine, one of the chemicals your body uses to give you general well-being and improve your mood. Masturbation relaxes you while you use up your body’s excess energy, get a little exercise, loosen up, and burn a handful of calories in the process. As if that were not enough, the aforementioned endorphins also serve as a natural remedy for lack of sleep, a very helpful added effect that uses the same receptors in the brain as opiates and can even relieve us of physical pain.

And yet, according to new data collected by Lora DiCarlo and Persuasium Research, it turns out that many people aren’t engaging in either masturbation or unrestrained sexual activity.“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about how people don’t even dress up or make themselves pretty. Many are not even able to comb their hair. They’re eating more for comfort than hunger, which doesn’t help when it comes to feeling sexy either.”, he assures.

According to their study, while half of those surveyed said their sex lives had remained about the same as before, a third of those surveyed reported that their sexual relationships were actually on the decline.

“What we discovered was that, regardless of their gender, a lot of people are really stressed. They are stressed, anxious and worried about their finances,” says Carey Plunkett, the founder of Persuasium Research. “Which is really counterproductive to sensuality and arousal.”

For the sex toy industry, on the other hand, things seem to be going from strength to strength as, overnight, the onanist pleasure market is booming. According to a representative from sex toy company Emojibator, which makes naughty remote-controlled vibrators in the form of popular emojis, they’ve seen a 345 percent increase in sales since last March 13, when many big cities around the world began asking its residents to stay home with little or nothing to do.

But if you want to get exquisite and not resort to masturbation for lack of entertainment, you can also choose to make it a challenge and accumulate your erotic energy until you feel that your reservoir is about to overflow, as some do. For some, the greater the arousal and the longer they wait to ejaculate, the more powerful their ejaculation and the more pleasurable their climax. And how could it be otherwise, we find testimony of it in the infinite bottomless forums of Reddit, where art is made of what other people consider a senseless interpretation of leisure. Users like kostis12345 describe how they “never masturbate out of boredom” because, in their experience: “ the orgasm effect, when abused, is so worn that it loses all its charm“.

But if for you masturbation is never going to become a competition to get the best orgasm or at least better than the orgasms of your fellow forum members, you don’t need any “good” reason to do it, or at least not a better one than help you improve your sense of immediate well-being.

Boredom, as harmless as it may seem, can be just as distressing as insomnia, fatigue, and if you are self-medicating with straws, from here we want to make sure that you are not doing anything wrong, and if you are reaping the fruits of your hard work, and it improves your general health, you do not have to answer to anyone because everything is profit. If so, who cares when or how many times you do it?

No one needs an excuse to feel better, so unless you’re one of those people who firmly believes that we’re all born with a limited number of orgasms in our charger, or that your spine empties at the stroke of a hand, there’s no reason. really reasonable for you not to polish your member as long as you find time and are in the right frame of mind to do so. Cheer up, and don’t give up.

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Is masturbation the best way to reverse our boredom?

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