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At that moment, while his hands desperately searched for the buttons, zippers and holes of the uniform, I completely forgot the first impressions.

-Turn around.

Laura sounded abrupt and it was with every button she unbuttoned, even the one on her pants. The pull with which the garment pulled me down made me stifle a groan and shut my eyes tightly. It was enough for me to open them to throw reality at me and remind me that we were in the changing rooms of the galleries.

His hands caressed the skin of my abdomen, and I wanted to touch his. As I could, I took off his jacket. I put my hands against her chest for her to stop and allow me to undress her, but she grunted, undid the first few buttons, and pulled her shirt over her head.

“Damn, Laura, I didn’t think you liked me …

“Like what?” He whispered it against my cleavage, where he took a bite before continuing down.

“That you would like to command.”

I laughed right on my mount of Venus. He was still covered by the fabric of my panties, but his breath made my skin crawl. He took the elastic of the underwear with his teeth and, with the help of his fingers, he slid it down my legs. He made sure to free them from only one of them and completely ignored that they were trapped in the other.

I arched before such a scene: she looking at me thirsty from below, her mouth dangerously close to my privacy again and without brakes, my hard nipples that were marked in the bralette. Everything burned inside me. I thought I was ready to feel his lips again, but when they brushed the hair of my sex I felt a jolt that completely removed me.

“Be quiet,” he told me, before placing a kiss on my groin. You can hold on to the hangers.

On both sides of my body were iron hangers with jackets. I took them off as best I could and heard them fall to the ground, but then I was the one who needed to hold on. I grabbed onto a lifeboat as Laura’s nose played on my most intimate lips. His tongue worked its way between them, stroking my folds along the way. He found, perhaps by chance, my clit swollen with arousal, and caught it.

I did my best to maintain eye contact despite my heavy lids, which threatened to deprive me of vision to better focus on what was happening between my legs. But Laura was watching me in a way that I couldn’t ignore even if I wanted to. In his pupils there was desire, morbidity, despair. I thought I was right because right away I saw how he unzipped his pants and slipped one of his hands underneath. He stifled a groan against my entrance just before circling his tongue around her and pulling me in just a little. He made me need her, and then he licked again from there to my clit slowly, but with a firmness that propelled me to orgasm faster and faster. She muffled moans in my sex, one after another.

And I arrived.

It was unexpected and shook even the smallest corner of my anatomy. I could not foresee it, prepare myself or warn Laura, who had to drink my climax. Then he licked until there was no trace of my pleasure left.

As my breathing calmed, his would revolve. I released myself from the hangers and slid down the wall until I was sitting across from her. I took her by the neck, kissed her. I could taste myself in that battle between his mouth and mine. I was very close to winning the victory and I wanted it, so I slipped one of my hands under his pants and accompanied his. Since his fingers had been stimulating her since she started licking me, it was enough to introduce a couple of mine inside her. Just walking through that door, the one at her narrow entrance, her body tensed a bit and then she let herself be carried away. I took her by the hair so that her mouth was against the skin of my shoulder, so we silenced that scream that put a point and another.

Facing each other, we looked at each other as we caught our breath. I noticed the fine line tattoo that framed one side of his pelvis and caressed it. Laura shuddered under my touch. He made a kind of purr that threw me to reality, there was noise outside the locker room.

“I think they’re coming.”

We got up as best we could. I saw how she dressed at the speed of light and was surprised that she took her tote bag Lisa and walked out of the locker room without changing.

“See you later,” she said hurriedly before crossing the door.

I took off my uniform, put on my clothes and got out of there as soon as possible. I’d rather not have to explain my heated appearance in the middle of November. Despite this, when I was about to leave the galleries, one of my colleagues asked me to go up to the director’s office. Orders from above.

As I climbed the staircase so characteristic of the building in the direction of what could be my dismissal, I noticed how my heart was altering again for a very different reason than a few minutes ago. Had anyone found out what had happened between Laura and me? Maybe about one of the other times? Had a client talked too much?

I knocked on the office door and, following my boss’s polite “forward”, I entered the room. It smelled of cedar and orange and was a little dark. It took me a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting in the office, especially due to the absence of sunlight at those hours. The other times he had been there it was broad daylight.

“Thanks for coming, Adela, come in.” He was sitting on the chesterfield and gestured for her to take a seat in the wing chair that was left behind.

Then I noticed the woman next to him. It was Laura. What was he doing there, so close? He wore a gray cashmere sweater with puff sleeves and black pants. palazzo. On his feet, the studded Roman Stud. I did not know which of all the elements of surprise before my eyes left me the most out of the game.

You’re not going to like who I am outside of here.

Now he understood.

“Laura, who helped you today, is actually an auditor,” the gallery director began to explain. We have long suspected that your position in the women’s footwear section is not what you deserve.

My blood ran cold.

I should have trusted my suspicions. His bearing was unmistakable, his movements unique. I must have noticed when he took me into the locker room and his attitude completely changed.

“With her secret audit, Laura has confirmed that you show dedication, passion and good treatment towards clients,” the director explained, in that slow voice that characterized him.

I was able to breathe again hearing those words. Even so, I felt that there was an explosive cocktail inside me that would revolutionize me at any moment.

“That’s essential in galleries, you know that.” And we value your professionalism. That is why we would like to propose …

“A promotion to plant manager,” Laura finished.

And now he did have all the sense in the world: instinct does not fail.

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Instinct II: In the changing rooms of the gallery | Lesbian stories

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