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The inhibited ejaculation It can be a problem in the development of sexual relations, also posing as an obstacle in the couple. Like premature ejaculation, it must be diagnosed and properly treated.

Today at Xarma we will explain everything you need to know about delayed or inhibited ejaculation and what its treatment is.

What is inhibited ejaculation?

Inhibited or delayed ejaculation is Difficulty or inability to ejaculate, that is, the inability to expel semen when the penis is being stimulated intravaginally and orgasmic reflexes have already occurred.

In some cases, yes they will be able to ejaculate if they are being stimulated by themselves through masturbation or even have nocturnal emissions. In fact, Masters and Johnson in their book “Human Sexual Inadequacy” tell us that 85% of patients do ejaculate through masturbation and 50% through non-coital stimulation by their partner.

Many of us know the effects of premature ejaculation, this being one of the biggest concerns of men when they start or already have sexual relations.

The satisfaction of the couple seems to be erroneously related to the time it takes for a man to ejaculate, which has caused a widespread fear of not being able to last long enough. This is why it is very common to see patients attend our consultation for premature ejaculation.

But this fact also has another effect, and that is that sometimes inhibited ejaculation may not be seen as a problem at the beginning of sexual intercourse, and not as many people will go to an expert for a diagnosis.

If we last long in bed, we will be good lovers, right?

The real problem appears when after the time, the man still does not ejaculate, raising possible insecurities in your partner feeling that it does not excite her enough. And even this means a big obstacle when it comes to having children.

How can we treat it?

Possible causes of delayed ejaculation

Before knowing its treatment, it is also important to know what causes delayed ejaculation, since its causes can be both physiological and psychological.

Sometimes it can be a secondary effect of some other type of pathology or disease (diabetes, antidepressants, anxiety or other neurological problems), so We must pay attention to our body and the signals it shows us.

Making an accurate diagnosis and finding the origin of the dysfunction is complicated since there may be many factors involved. For it, we must know the complete medical history of the patient as well as the drugs that you may be consuming at the moment.

We must not forget either what has been the reason for which the patient attends the consultation, which will be important to make a good diagnosis.

Some of the psychological causes that are related to inhibited ejaculation are as follows:

  • Fear of fertilization
  • Fear of compromise
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • self insecurity
  • High expectations created
  • Wanting to maintain excessive control over the partner
  • Fear of not being able to reach orgasm, causing you to not be able to fully enjoy the relationship

Another important factor that affects the inability to ejaculate is a low sex education. The fears and insecurities that arise during intercourse are closely related to that lack of knowledge or perhaps a misconception of sexual relations.

The patients they focus on their sexual relationships meeting certain standards that are not a reflection of reality, preventing them from fully enjoying sexuality with their partner.

But beware! These can also occur because you are going through a very specific moment in your life for very specific reasons. If this lasts over time, it is time to go to a sexologist.

Inhibited ejaculation: treatment

inhibited ejaculationAs we have discussed in the previous section, making a correct diagnosis of delayed ejaculation is not that simple. The clinical and psychological aspects must go hand in hand in such a way that determine a treatment adapted to the patient’s circumstances.

In this case, we must put together both specialties such as andrology or urology, as well as a psychological specialist to investigate the beliefs and fears that may possibly be causing the inhibited ejaculation.

It is here where we want to emphasize the role of the sexologist and all that he can offer in the treatment of inhibited ejaculation. We will have an expert person in situations like the one we may be going through. It will help us return to normality in our sexual relationships.

With the help of sex therapy, we can discover what is happening to us in a multidisciplinary way, since psychological, medical or social aspects will be worked on together.

On specific occasions, certain exercises can also be recommended to work on delayed ejaculation, such as el mindfulness (learn to focus on the present moment), learn more about sex education The talk to our partner about what happens to us and try to find ways to improve that situation together.

Sex therapy in Xarma: how we can help you with premature ejaculation

As you can see, giving yourself a specific treatment for premature ejaculation is not something simple enough to be covered in an Internet blog post. If you are concerned about your well-being and you think there is something that prevents you from having relationships full sex, we want to help you.

The best thing is that you go to a group of experts who care about you and who can give you the real solution you need. Through our sexologists we will give you a personalized therapy and methodology that adapts to what you need.

Learn more about yourself and about sexuality with us, we help you so you don’t have to face your problems alone.

get in contact us and our team will be able to give you better advice.

Inhibited Ejaculation | What is it and treatment

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Inhibited Ejaculation | What is it and treatment │ Xarma

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