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Veracruz, Ver.- The InDriver platform reports that it disabled a driver, who operates in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, accused of harassing women, mainly young women, after boarding his vehicle:

“At inDriver we do not tolerate aggression against users, that is why we raise our hands in solidarity with people who may be affected by using the application.

These actions are taken with absolute seriousness, since they compromise the tranquility of the trips made through the application, specifically those that indicate violence or aggression towards any inDriver user.

In reference to the recent case of harassment towards one of our users of the inDriver service in Xalapa, Veracruz, we report the following:

*Since we became aware of the case, we activated a priority follow-up to find the specific facts.

* The driver’s account was blocked, leaving him without any possibility of using the application.

* We have initiated attempts to approach the passenger to follow up on her case and offer our necessary collaboration disposition.
We remind you of the security measures for our users in Mexico, with the aim of avoiding a risk situation:

Emergency button: The panic button function of our application enables the agility to seek immediate help if necessary.

User rating: inDriver has a driver and passenger rating function so that they can comment or give a reference to the behavior of any driver. This can help the passenger make an even more informed decision about travel safety.

Real-time location: All trips on our service are geo-tracked. Our system allows to determine the location of each route. This feature also enables the option to share trip data with family and friends to accurately monitor trip status.

As a form of rejection and intolerance of violence and its various manifestations, especially those that compromise the integrity and security of any user of our application, we make available our support service channels that prioritize the immediate follow-up of this type of case. :

– Real-time communication with our Support Team 24/7, through the Support chat directly in the application.

– Official accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

– Sending material or details that speed up the follow-up of a case: No person should go through a situation of risk or violence, with which we reiterate our willingness to collaborate with the affected user and with the local authorities if required. We call on the community in general to deal with these types of incidents, using our direct communication channels.

It must be remembered that through social networks Gabriela M. made the public complaint and narrated that last Wednesday night she requested the taxi service on the popular digital platform and that during the trip she felt mistrust because the subject identified as Jesús A. kept turning around with the specific “pretext” of observing something on the street.
It should be noted that her information served for other women to express that they have also experienced similar episodes and reproached the international company for ignoring complaints and not taking responsibility for anything.


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InDriver disabled a driver for sexual harassment in Veracruz – Format Seven