In three months more than 100 inquiries for rape in Coahuila

From January to March of the year 2022, in Coahuila, 118 investigation folders were opened for the crime of rape in the different delegations of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE); the majority committed against women and minors.

According to the National Public Security System (SNSP), of the 118 open folders, 27 were in January, 42 in February and 49 in March.

Of the total, 51 were sexual violations, while 67 were matched; the latter being committed largely against children under 15 years of age.

In each folder there were from one to more victims, some of them have concluded and are in process, while others are still under investigation.

In most of the complaints, the victims were adult women and minors, as well as children and even babies.

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So far in 2022, 506 research folders have been opened in Coahuila

The aggressors were from sentimental partners, ex-partners, relatives, acquaintances, as well as co-workers, in the case of adults.

In some cases, the investigations were initiated ex officio, while in others the complaint was filed, however, due to the lack of a culture of complaint, it is estimated that the number of cases could be much higher.

Usually, of the total crimes committed against sexual security and freedom, in these three months 475 investigation folders were registered.

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The rest of the inquiries corresponded to sexual abuse with 215, sexual harassment with 110, sexual harassment with 7 and other crimes related to 25 folders.

It was in the month of March that it was announced that the FGE opened an investigation folder, after the rape of a woman in the Bellavista neighborhood in the municipality of Saltillo

The events were recorded on San Lorenzo Street in that sector, where elements of the Municipal Police as well as the Violeta Group were transferred, after the report was received to the State Emergency System 911 of a woman who was on the asphaltwhich would have been the victim of rape by four subjects.

In this case It transpired that when the events occurred, she was four months pregnant, for which she was transferred to an emergency hospital.

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In three months more than 100 inquiries for rape in Coahuila