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One of the Majestic Massage rooms.

Leo, the masseur, opened the door for me. From his attitude, I take it for granted with a smile, although the mandatory protective mask concealed that detail. He accompanied me around the place (Masajes Majestic in the center of Madrid) until reaching a room in which there was a futon, a mirror and some decorative details. The light was dim, an ambient music accompanied and I noticed a slight aroma of incense or another aromatic plant. To be honest, I am not sure about the latter, maybe it is my mind that adds that fact to give an even more intimate, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere to the stay. Real or imaginary, those were my feelings.

Little by little, my eyes got used to the poor lighting in the room and noticed more details: a couple of chairs, a table with some bottles of water and chocolates, a basket with white towels, some slippers like those of a 4-star hotel and, in the corner, a shower. My companion was explaining to me how everything worked with great kindness. And with patience, I ask a lot when something interests me and erotic massages they generate it for me.

There are individual and couples massages, with male or female masseurs and of different intensities. They can travel the entire body but without touching genitals or be more intense and not skip any area. With or without interaction with the masseur. Two- or four-handed massages, tantric, sensual or relaxing… Ultimately, each person chooses what and how they want it. “Each massage flows differently”, my guide specified.

“You can shower and when you are, you lie face down on the bed. Knock on the door so he knows when you’re ready. “ Leo left me alone in the room. I took my time and finally gave the signal. I lay naked on the futon on a soft sheet of disposable paper. The masseur came in wrapped in a towel under which he was wearing underpants. “You can touch me if you feel like it, but not in the boxer zone”.

majestic massages (Madrid)

Detail of one of the rooms.

The massage started by pouring and distributing oil gently by my feet. It went up my calves, thighs, external and internal face … and it was reaching the different parts of my body. Slowly, taking the necessary time. “You do not have to advance, that the body is asking”Leo clarified to me later.

The oil continued to flow generously through my body, its touch was warm and the hands enhanced that sensation. The back, the neck, the arms … the touch continued to cover more areas. And while, I was feeling relaxed, comfortable and with a certain degree of excitement that was increasing. His body rested on mine. It was a strange sensation, although not unpleasant. I don’t know if he noticed it, but soon he got up and continued caressing me with his hands, arms and forearms, accompanying the movement with a slight guttural sound.

From time to time I would open my eyes, I like to look. Through the mirror he saw two bodies, shiny, interacting. It was a pretty picture. Looking at Leo I saw his face with the mask that he did not remove at any time. Obligatory and understandable sign of protection nowadays that, for me, kept me away from the situation of intimacy that I was experiencing. Solution: close my eyes and focus on my sensations.

And so it went: face down, face up, from the toes to the tip of the head, sometimes softer, other times more intense, with plenty of oil and with time, care and dedication. Until, with the goal of pleasure achieved, Leo was calming movements and ending the massage. Everything always with a wonderful treatment, close at the same time as professional.

After a brief calm moment, he got up. “I leave you alone. When you’re there, knock on the door. No hurry”. I took a few minutes to settle down with my own feelings. I have not told you, but it was my first time in an erotic massage. My body was relaxed and I noticed a smile on my face. I felt good.

Already dressed, Leo showed me the place. They have larger rooms with double beds for couples who want to experience together, one with a bar on top that the masseuse can grab onto to do foot massages or tie someone down if that’s what. is desired. Also a larger room to accommodate several couples at the same time. And they do erotic massage courses, having a space for it.

majestic massages (Madrid)

Detail of the massage center, in Madrid

We say goodbye, until next time. For a couple of hours I escaped from reality, I felt like I was somewhere else, relaxed, comfortable and oblivious to the crazy world that bustles in the center of Madrid.

If I have to summarize my experience I would say that:

IN FAVOR: the care throughout the premises, the hygiene, the feeling of comfort, the relaxed atmosphere, the elegance. Leo’s treatment, his hands and his voice. What a voice!

AGAINST: really nothing.

A experience for the senses, a gift for both couples and individuals that I recommend. If you are a single woman and you want to try it, you will feel comfortable and in a safe environment.


This article is based on my experience in Majestic massages (Madrid)

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In the hands of an erotic masseuse (my first person experience) – Arola Poch

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