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These circumstances can be somewhat embarrassing and difficult to manage for many men. Nevertheless, impotence due to anxiety is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction among young men and for this reason, we want to delve into their causes and solutions.

There are many factors that can generate this dreaded sexual impotence. From Xarma, we want to offer information on this thorny issue, which has become so difficult to manage for many men, especially if this condition is of psychological origin.

What factors can cause impotence?

Let’s start by defining what erectile dysfunction is. It is a persistent male condition that prevents the individual, achieve or sustain, an erection that allows him to maintain a satisfactory sexual relationship.

Next, we will explain what the most common causes are and we will make a clear classification between the physical factors and psychological factors that cause erectile dysfunction.

Physical aspects that cause impotence

Persistent male impotence usually has a physical origin, especially over the years. Our body stops responding as it did and this is only because we have certain health problems or bad habits.

  • This pathology it may have a vascular origin. People who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, some heart diseases or an increase in cholesterol levels, may suffer from erectile dysfunction problems.
  • The spinal cord injuries o la multiple sclerosis They are neurological pathologies that can also cause impotence in males. Even some hormonal imbalances can trigger this condition.
  • Finally, this disorder can have a pharmacological origin. There are many medications that as a side effect they can decrease the ability to have or maintain an erection. These specific drugs usually treat hypertension, heart problems, and psychiatric disorders.

Psychological aspects that cause impotence

As we mentioned earlier, erectile dysfunction appears more frequently in older people, between the ages of 40 and 70. However, the prevalence of this condition in young men, whose origin is usually psychological, is becoming more and more common.

Impotence from anxiety, due to stress or even lack of sex education are on the agenda, and these are just some of the problems, the list could be endless. Many of these problems are now coming to light because years ago this has been a controversial issue, which was not used to talk about, much less with a stranger.

Nevertheless, over the years this topic has ceased to be “taboo”, which is allowing men to be able to talk about their problem, manage it and with the help of an expert put a solution.

Next, we will talk about some of the most common psychological conditions that can become sexually incapacitated in men.

  • Impotence from anxiety

Anxiety can trigger erectile dysfunction in males in two different ways: First, prolonged anxiety can make our sex drive decrease and consequently, our sex life will be affected.

Second, the individual can generate impotence due to anxiety when feeling overly concerned about your sexual performance. This may be the result of some previous bad experience that makes you feel insecure about yourself.

The individual tends to think that the same situation is going to be repeated, so it ends up repeating itself. The false expectations created and disseminated on a sexual level by the media and networks have become a real problem with physical consequences that are dealt with in most psychological cabinets.

However, we must clarify that no all people who suffer from anxiety have problems with sexual impotence.

  • Impotence from stress

Stress is also a trigger for male sexual impotence. People who tend to endure a high level of stress every day, whether due to work or family circumstances, he is often constantly discouraged or lacking in vitality.

We have to take into account that for an erection to occur, the brain must be stimulated, so that it sends this information to the body, which must react according to the message sent. This whole process will be hampered if the person does not have vitality or has trouble concentrating.

  • Impotence from depression

The individual who suffers from depression, generally, has lost interest in activities that were previously passionate and even You may no longer feel attached to the people who were very important to you before. Among these activities is sex, which will be somewhat indifferent. Due, your libido will be low often and in moments of action, heerectile dysfunction can also be common.


Solutions to Impotence from Anxiety

Next, we will present a series of tips that will help you fight impotence due to anxiety. We recommend that you follow them and take the first steps to regain your sexual well-being.

Exercise regularly, as a solution to impotence due to anxiety

One of the great allies to combat anxiety is exercise. A suitable routine that you can combine with your day to day will be of great help. Long-term sport generates an increase in norepinephrine and serotonin, which will help improve our mood and keep our anxiety at bay.

Meditation practice will also be very helpful. if you suffer from impotence due to anxiety. This technique has proven to be useful thanks to the breath control it provides.

Go to an expert, as a solution to impotence due to anxiety

An expert opinion will always be the best option. In the event that you consider that anxiety is paralyzing your life and getting in the way of your day-to-day life, we recommend that you go to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

If this is not your case, but you are still having sexual difficulties, either alone or as a couple, we recommend that you go to a sexologist or some other expert in the sector.

From Xarma, we know that many of the problems we have in bed come from our mind. That is why we know that a sexology professional may be just what you need.

If this is your case, contact us to get more information about sex education and sex therapy. Don’t let anxiety impotence end your sex life.

Impotence due to anxiety: causes and solutions

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Impotence due to anxiety: Causes and solutions – Xarma Asociación

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