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PACHUCA DE SOTO, APR 24/NEWS HIDALGO/.- From March 23 to April 20, the Hidalgo Women’s Institute (IHM) carried out the Comprehensive Awareness and Training Program for Social Reintegration from the Gender and Human Rights Perspective, through virtual and face-to-face strategies.

With the aim of contributing to the exercise of the rights of women deprived of liberty, under a gender perspective.

The program consisted of two actions: training for public servants in virtual mode and regional face-to-face course-workshops, for women and men in prison, from the Social Reintegration Centers (CERESO) of Actopan, Apan, Mixquiahuala and Ixmiquilpan.

The virtual training was aimed at public servants who perform functions of social work, psychology and education in the CERESOs. Thematic content and participatory methodologies were addressed in and from the gender and human rights perspectives for the development of activities to prevent violence and promote a culture of equality. Topics such as: the role of public servants in the transformation of inequalities and violence; human rights of women; social inclusion and diversity; and importance of the gender perspective in the prevention of violence and the promotion of a culture of equality.

The face-to-face course-workshop was aimed at women and men in prison, from the aforementioned CERESOs.

In the case of women, the objective was to promote knowledge, recognition and exercise of the human rights of women in prison through participatory strategies and thematic content that contribute to strengthening skills for self-esteem, decision-making, and construction of violence-free relationships. In this workshop, topics such as sexual and reproductive rights, self-esteem and construction of emotional autonomy were addressed; partner relationships free of violence; construction of a healthy coexistence; maternity and confinement, practical recommendations. At this point, decision-making and reproductive planning in circumstances of seclusion, reduction of maternity risks during seclusion and positive parenting were discussed.

In the case of men, the objective was to raise their awareness through participatory activities that contribute to reflecting on their role in building equal relationships free of violence. Topics such as reconstruction of masculinities were addressed; health and recognition of emotions; partner relationships free of violence; and affective and responsible fatherhood.

Through analysis of cases and examples, the participants recognized the importance of eradicating prejudices, stereotypes and stigmas for social inclusion and non-discrimination; They related the thematic contents and learned strategies for healthy coexistence, the exercise of rights and relations free of violence.

With these actions we keep the campaign against gender violence in force. April 25 Orange Day.

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IHM operates a care program for women in prison in state Ceresos – NEWSHIDALGO