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Undoubtedly The two most recurrent themes of women in my practice are sexual desire and the fact that they do not enjoy relationships sexual. The star questions are usually…

  • NayaraWhat to do if I never feel like having sex?

  • I suffer from sexual inaptitude, I do not enjoy, I could live without sex…this is normal?

  • Although I put to it, I don’t reach orgasm and I feel like I’m bored,

Do these phrases sound familiar to you? Most of my followers, yes, they have told me about it in a survey that I prepared a few weeks ago… And that is why I have decided to organize a workshop for them next Wednesday the 28th. It will be called «How to feel 100% satisfied with my intimate life«, it will be live and you can now sign up for free if you feel like it at this link: https://academy.sexperimentando.es/event/taller-como-sentirme-100-satisfecha-con-mi-vida-sexual

What are those data that I was talking about? Get ready, it’s chilling data):

  • Only 30% of my followers said they felt 100% satisfied with their sex life. Most shared feeling with low self-esteem and sexual safetyregardless of your age.
  • More than 55% said they were worried about their sexual desire since it was generally very low.

These data, in the middle of 2021, ARE NOT NORMAL! No, they are not, we are talking about a high percentage of people who do not enjoy their sexual life… I want to change it, I PROPOSE TO CHANGE IT! For this reason, in the workshop I am also going to tell you about my new program for women DESIRE & PLEASURE in which we are going to become owners of our intimate life. If you want to take a look right now, you can gossip by clicking here.

But, in addition, today I bring you 5 common reasons why women do not feel like having relationships regularly. Take note:

  1. YYou have tried things to innovate but… where do I find the time? where do I get desire? Our quality of life, rest time and self-care is intimately related to sexual desire and enjoyment.
  2. you distract yourself, you are not 100% at that moment because your mind misleads you in the middle of a sexual relationship. I leave you a video on this topic here.
  3. You don’t enjoy becauseeither you know what you like or, even if you know, you don’t tell your partner. Therefore, without self-knowledge and without communication, we end up doing things that we like and that undermines our desire.
  4. The bad relationships, toxic relationships or lack of communication are undoubtedly a very common reason.
  5. The complexes and insecurities, especially physical… sometimes we want everything to be perfect to enjoy sex and that is simply impossible.

How about? Do you want to continue learning more? Well, I encourage you to watch the video that I leave you right here and share it with your friends, it will come in handy! Also, of course, to share with them the workshop on the 28th(I remember you link). Now…into video!

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I never FEEL LIKE having sex. What to do? – Sexperimenting

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