I masturbate with the pillow I masturbate with the pillow

Many people, both men and women, they masturbate using the pillow. It is a very frequent and widespread masturbation technique, but not much is said about it! Yes we can find many articles on the internet that talk about masturbating using your hands, vibrators or watching porn, but doing it with the pillow is not visible. Nor do people usually tell it or say openly “I masturbate with the pillow” when they talk about sex.

Since we were kids

Masturbation is often something that is discovered by chance. Pillows are present many times in this discovery. One day a cushion, a pile of clothes or the pillow on your bed is between your legs and rubs or presses on the genitals producing a very pleasant sensation. As you like this feeling, you repeat it. You are learning to stimulate your genital area that way, Like a game. Many people continue to use this technique as adults.

Why do I masturbate with the pillow … and not otherwise

Masturbating with the pillow has a series of characteristics that makes many people choose this technique over others:

  • Stimulation is gentle. The genitals are full of nerve endings and are therefore very sensitive. Stimulating them directly is very aggressive and too intense at times. Masturbating in this way allows for a gentler and more enjoyable stimulation. Even, many times it is done with underwear on.
  • Rubbing and pressure with large areas. Masturbating using a pillow allows us to stimulate larger areas than with our hands or a vibrator. In this way, we do not saturate the nerve endings of a single point in the body, such as the clitoris. This allows us to increase the sensations, expand them more throughout the body and have more global sensations.
  • Control of stimulation by moving the hip. To masturbate using a pillow we must move the whole body, mainly the pelvis and hips. These movements can be very sensual! As the whole body is involved, not just the hands, the sensations they cause us are broader. In addition, hip movements move sexual energy and spread it throughout the body.

How to have sex with someone who masturbates with the pillow

I masturbate with the pillowYou already know that when we get used to masturbating in one way it can be difficult to enjoy and have orgasms when we are stimulated in a different way than we do.

If we do not want to put the pillow in the sexual encounter we must remember that our partner has become accustomed to a broad, indirect rubbing on the genitals. For example, instead of stimulating the clitoris directly with a finger we can use pressure and rubbing using the palm of the hand, or place one or two fingers on the clitoris while she closes her legs to increase the stimulation.

There are as many ways to masturbate as there are people. Find yours!

Ana Lombardía.

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I masturbate with the pillow I masturbate with the pillow

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