I have no sexual desire because I am exhausted

One of the great concerns in sexuality is low sexual desire. It is something that affects many people, and very often women. Many times you come to my office asking me to recommend some miraculous product to increase sexual desireWell, you feel very lost in this aspect and you don’t know what to do to improve the situation.

The causes of sexual desire They are very varied: couple problems, difficulty in enjoying sexual encounters, ignorance of one’s own anatomy, problems in the couple’s relationship, lack of interest in sexuality in general …

Today I wanted to tell you about one of the great reasons why libido can disappear: lack of energy. We live in a society that encourages us to rush from one place to another all day, with a lot of tasks at once, hundreds of things in the head to attend to… it is exhausting! All this means that there is little time left for oneself, that sleep is scarce and of poor quality and that sex becomes the last of our priorities.

It is very difficult for sexual desire to appear if we are tired and without energy; the body and mind reserve what little energy we have left for essential things, and leave sex in the background. Even, surely we are sadder, with a low mood, apathetic and not wanting anything.

If we have lost sexual desire because we are too tired – and we have already ruled out the rest of the reasons I mentioned before – it is important get down to work to restructure our lives, get rid of responsibilities, delegate tasks and make room for self-care.

Sometimes, to start with all this, we may need an extra “push” that gives us energy, improves our mood and puts us in a position to take better care of ourselves and create time for enjoyment.

FEMME UP is a tool to improve libido which consists, on the one hand, of natural supplementation and, on the other, of advice from professionals – sexologists, physiotherapists and gynecologists who will help you in the process of recovering your sexual life.

The supplement contains

  • Damiana, a plant that helps regulate the hormonal system
  • Maca, a plant traditionally used to improve energy and mood
  • Ginkgo Biloba, with vasodilator action that improves sensitivity
  • Vitamin B5 and B6, to improve fatigue

In addition, from FEMME UP they provide you 6 e-books with the information you need to better understand the functioning of sexual desire and the option to consult by whatsapp or email the doubts you have in this regard.

I know that many people would love to have a magic pill that will restore sexual desire quickly, especially when this is causing problems in the relationship. Femme Up natural supplementation can help and you have to be consistent with it for it to take effect – you have to take it for at least 2 or 3 months – but it doesn’t work by itself. That is why we will surely have to do changes of habits, modify the dynamics with which we live sexual relationships as a couple, learn and discover our sexuality and much more.

Each person loses sexual desire for a different reason, so it is essential have the right professionals to help us find those causes and guide us through the process, step by step, and without turning.

Ana Lombardía.

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I have no sexual desire because I am exhausted

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