I have learned to masturbate with the help of a sexologist

A few months ago a very young girl, in her early twenties, came to my office. he did not know how to masturbate. Yes, she had orgasmed using a vibrator or pillow, but she did not know how to use her hands to pleasure herself. This caused him a lot of frustration and insecurity. In these months he has done an incredible job and, week after week, his progress has been spectacular! The first few times we spoke, I felt like it was going to be impossible, that I wasn’t going to be able to do it.

I have asked him to tell you how his progress has been with me these months, because I think it is a great example of what can be achieved with perseverance and enthusiasm. Although she tells you very humbly, not only has she learned to masturbate, but she has exceeded her own expectations and has managed to have up to 8 orgasms in a single masturbation session. !! Congratulations!!

I have learned to masturbate

When I dared to make an appointment for Ana, I felt different. I didn’t know how to masturbate using my fingers. He did know what an orgasm was, but not how to get to it in the seemingly simplest way. And it made me feel bad, incomplete, clumsy. I did not know where to start and when I was encouraged to start my problem was that I did not know how to continue, I was frustrated. I had no patience. That is why when I went to Ana’s consultation I had high hopes that she would help me but at the same time I was still confident that if I couldn’t do it it was because it was weird, because something in me was not working well. LIE.

And this is my story about how I have learned to masturbate. I don’t consider myself an expert and I think I still have a long way to go. I started looking at my genitals, my vulva, with a mirror, fingering everything I saw. The next duties were to begin to touch me in a more personal and less objective way. This is where my personal work path began.

To masturbate excitement was very important And without her the only thing I could do was get more frustrated. Of course the excitement was not present every day and it affected me, it overwhelmed me and made me sad because I felt that masturbating was something I had to do for my learning and I was missing an important tool.

Coincidentally, my first orgasm as a result of masturbation was not because I was very aroused but I was very calm, alone, giving me my time and my moment. That orgasm made me cry with happiness, but it also made me laugh, my hands and legs were shaking with euphoria because I had achieved what seemed impossible to me. I didn’t want to give up. I had to learn to control my breathing and especially not to get discouraged when changing the rhythm or the movement of the fingers on the clitoris the sensations diminished. Then it was time to take a deep breath and try again. I had to know how to let myself go, something that I personally hated being told because for me it was not easy, it is not something that you can order your mind and she executes it, it is about lack of control and you have to feel it.

It is important to trust yourself, be calm, relaxed, focused on what you are doing, not be in a hurry and do not expect that what you are looking for happens the first time and without practice. You have to trust that you can and know how to do it even if you change technique or place and are in a car. With enough excitement it is very easy, you do not have to think about what you do or not do and everything works no matter how you move. You don’t have to think because your desire guides you. And when you get that orgasm so easily because you were super horny, you fill yourself with a security able to silence all your insecurities and I love that feeling.

Of course, I had doubts as to whether I would have another orgasm when I masturbated again on any other day. Nor did it come out the first time, but in the end a second, a third, a fourth happened …

I hope your experience encourages many of you to give it a try. As you can see, it is something that can be achieved! In addition, although sometimes the process can be frustrating at times, as she very well tells you, the rest of the time it is something fun and the results are very, very worth it.

Ana Lombardía.

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I have learned to masturbate with the help of a sexologist

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