I Congress of Female Sexual Empowerment – Sexual Therapy

On September 17 begins the First Congress of Sexual Empowerment for women with pain / inability to penetrate and for therapists and professionals !!

It is the first platform destined and dedicated to all women who live or have lived at some point in their lives, episodes or years with pain / impossibility.
The idea arose to give you a voice, make pain visible and naturalize and shout to the world and health professionals that pain IS NEVER NORMAL and there are always several causes behind that must be investigated, healed and treated.

I hope this congress serves so that the health system stop calling women crazy or exaggerated when they spread their legs in gynecology consultations, so that they stop telling us to use lubricants, to relax, to drink alcohol or to change partners.

This congress arises from the need not to leave you alone, of feeling that we belong to a great tribe of warrior women and that we are not and will not be the only ones going through episodes of pain / impossibility.

Hopefully this congress will help vaginismus to stop being called vaginismus, so that all health professionals sit down to redefine the definitions we use to diagnose pain, so that we can remove pain labels at once and we can take them out of the bag, classify and name them again, because ladies and gentlemen, we continue without knowing the differences between vaginismus and dyspareunia, because, the line is so fine that each one calls it what they want and that in the long run, it generates confusion for women, terms and language matter.
I hope it helps us all to sit down to demystify pain / impossibility, to create referral protocols so these women don’t wander around without answers, or worse, with wrong answers and diagnoses over and over again …

Because we have met 29 professionals.
To address pain and impossibility for 5 days, because there are so many things to explain and address … pain / impossibility needs a holistic approach, it needs a group of people and professionals to help us clarify why it hurts, why we cannot have penetration and to show us the way to continue to stop suffering and stop living as we live.

Don’t settle for your pain. NEVER.

Do not settle for: “I do not see anything, everything is fine, make an appointment in psychology or psychiatry.” No. Do not ask for an appointment with the psychologist, look at the congress because friend, here are all the keys, all the pillars that a woman with pain / impossibility has to address.

And to you, gyne, midwife, pelvic floor physio, sexologist, psychologist, or whatever discipline you are, sign up, because there are so many women with pain / impossibility that one day you will get a consultation and you will need to know how to approach.

Because we need this information to reach millions of women, yes millions, because the percentage of women who live in this situation is chilling and we need women free of pain.

We need this information to reach mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, fathers, uncles, friends … because we need to diagnose pain and impossibility early, so that there are no women of 40-50 years (there are, I assure you) living their pain in silence.

We need to stop being embarrassed about talking about vaginas and we need to stop feeling guilty or weirdos about having pain.

Therefore, the more women this information reaches, the more likely a world will be where women do not suffer the terrible emotional consequences that living so many years in this situation has for them.

This congress is so that there are more and more women and vaginas free, of pain and suffering, so that there are fewer women who are desperate, sad, sad, lost and devastated for not knowing how to deal with their situation.

How can you enjoy the congress?
You can access the congress by buying the V pass or the V premium pass.

17% of what I collect I will allocate to women who do not have sufficient resources (or who live in a country where their currency is clearly devalued) to do sessions with me, or physiotherapy, osteopathy … because we fill our mouths saying “multidisciplinary treatment” but to see who is the pretty girl who has the money to pay for it or who it is not ruined in the attempt. AND to create an association for women in pain.

And I have prepared a premium V pass for you… .That you cannot miss.
Discounts on cloth compresses, menstrual cups, sessions with physios, sexologists, masterclass on repetitive candidiasis, painless intercourse, ebooks, meditations … and only for 17 + VAT until the 23rd!

I want to book my V premium pass now!

For now, I’ll leave you with the program and the presentations and interviews that you will be able to see these days if you sign up!

I Congress of Female Sexual Empowerment Sexual Therapy

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I’ll wait for you on the 17th beautiful!

I see you inside!

A giant hug.

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I Congress of Female Sexual Empowerment – Sexual Therapy

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