Hypnotic Cabaret. Mentalism and eroticism show

I’m at the Volta Café with some friends. We came to see a show erotic hypnosis I have been told that it is very good. The truth is that I come quite reluctantly, because hypnosis shows abound fraudulentbut since several people have recommended it to me and it is focused on eroticism, I couldn’t miss it!

He inspires confidence; she inspires…sex. They are Jorge Astyaro and Mayte Castillo, the hypnotist and the mistress of ceremonies. “The mind is the most powerful sexual organ” says Jorge. That said, they begin to do simple hypnosis games, to get into the matter. Little by little, they raise the tone and begin to play with the sexual fantasies of the attendees. Later, vibrators, whips, blindfolds… although everything is still very lightwe begin to hallucinate because they are making us unable to open our eyes, unable to lower our arms, separate our fingers…

The power of the mind is incredible; I dedicate myself to these things and, even so, I am very impressed. With incredible simplicity and without tricks rare Astyaro makes us enjoy with his fantastic abilities. We enjoyed to the point of moaning, squirm, fantasize… and have orgasms. Yes Yes. orgasms Nowadays it is not easy to attend a show that really surprises you; We live in a time when we have already seen everything, nothing impresses us…. but this one does.

And best of all, it is a show in which no one is forced to do anything. People who agree to go on stage do so voluntarily and, if they wish, they can return to their seats whenever they want. Everyone feels comfortable at all times, which is appreciated in a show like this. Also, you laugh a lot.

After the show I had the opportunity to chat for a while with Jorge and Mayte. Apart from being charming, they told me a lot of super interesting things. It was a pleasure sharing with them!

Mother: George, how does this work?

Jorge: hypnosis relies heavily on statistics. There are more or less 30% of the people who walk in very easily and dissociates without problems. If there are few people in the show and on stage it is more difficult for people to get carried away, they abandon themselves less, they feel more watched… Fortunately, it is usually full every night, so no problem.

Mother: the people who walk in more easily, what does it do?

Hypnotic CabaretJorge: You have to let yourself go, not put the rational part. If you put it in, you get out. You hold on, you hold back and you go. During the hypnosis I am playing, I am conditioning them so that little by little they let themselves go more and more and the hypnosis is deeper and deeper and they abandon themselves to the experience. The best thing is that during the whole process you are aware of the suggestions. They always listen to everything, consciously, although sometimes they are more or less attentive, because each one lives their own experience.

Mother: How can this be applied to improving people’s sex lives?

Jorge: Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to unlock and let go safely, without risk. Always consciously and making decisions. It’s like when you have a drink and give yourself permission to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. It can be applied to improve sexual life, to overcome phobias and blockages, to improve self-esteem and self-confidence… You don’t expose yourself, it’s safe, it just happens in your head.

Mother: How did you train to get all this done?

Jorge: I started more than 20 years ago. Since I was a child I liked magic… but something was missing. I met mentalism, which is based on basic psychological processes. Here suggestion is used to produce sensations. I discovered that there was something more powerful than magic! I started reading books, learning techniques and applying them… and I realized that it worked. There was a time when I worked on cruise ships in Europe and had the opportunity to practice and test with many people, for 3 years! It was a good training, without this experience it would have been much more difficult to master hypnosis.

Mother: I hope you use your super powers for good! Because the applications can be infinite

Jorge: LOL. These techniques work very well, for example, in people who want to quit smoking. I give workshops at the Rey Juan Carlos University to work with fibromyalgia, chronic pain… and it works!

Mother: And you, Mayte, are an actress. How did you get to this?

Mayte: I had a performance in the same place as Jorge, and we met many nights. I was very skeptical of his show; That’s why I always tell about it in our performances, because I think it’s a very honest way to attract and connect with people.

Mother: Tell me about an experience you liked to live with this show

Mayte: On one occasion we went to a very small town, only 120 people, everyone knew each other! We thought it was going to be a disaster, but no! Everything went very well, it was very special, one of the best, perhaps the best! On another occasion a girl ended up taking off Jorge’s shirt in the middle of the show, and a guy dug his nails into my leg at the moment of orgasm. We always say that if we get horny, the show went well.

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Hypnotic Cabaret. Mentalism and eroticism show

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