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In this article we show you how satisfyer worksas well as some tips to help you climax with this popular toy.

Enjoying intimacy individually had always been taboo for many women. Fortunately, female masturbation in the pursuit of individual pleasure has become normalized. So much so that we have innumerable sex toys at our fingertips.

Since the satisfyer emerged has monopolized all the comments, becoming the fashionable toy. It is a clitoral sucker, designed to give pleasure to women, and boy has it succeeded.

If you have one or are thinking of buying it, but still have no idea what to do with it or how to use the satisfyer to achieve those promised orgasms, quiet. In today’s article I will show you how to get the most out of it, you just have to read to the end

How to choose the right clitoral sucker?

If you still do not have one, when choosing the one you are going to acquire, you must take into account different points to choose the best one according to your needs and tastes.

  • Feeding: the first models worked with batteries, but the current ones come ready to recharge the battery through a USB port.
  • Heads: it is important to pay attention to the heads, preferably choose those made of antiallergic silicone, a high quality and resistant material. And also that the suction unit allows the head to be removed to clean it properly.
  • Noise: privacy is important and in this the sound can influence. There are some models that are quieter than others, so ask about the sound that each model makes at its different speeds.
  • Power: find out about the power of the motor and the possibility of changing or not the intensity of the equipment.

How does the satisfyer work?

This toy focuses on clitoral stimulation. It has a suction cup effect that increases the vascularization (irrigation or blood circulation) of the clitoris, as it also has vibration, it causes orgasm more quickly.

For this purpose there are several mechanisms that allow to achieve arousal:

  1. Some use soft sonic waves. These are placed on the vulva and the waves bounce off the device itself and then go directly to the clitoris.
  2. Others suck in air under pressure, so the clitoris is sucked.
  3. Then there are the satisfyer that combine the two forms.

How to use the satisfyer?

When you go to use it you should get comfortable, most likely you will need some preparation time until you get used to it. The experience will be more pleasant the more excited you are.

The key is that you use it as part of the process of masturbating, in a relaxed and comfortable way. When you consider that you are excited, follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button and start the satisfyer.
  2. Locate the opening in the shape of a circle on your clitoris, in most models you should not insert anything into your vagina.
  3. It is advisable to start with a smooth speed, although you can increase it later if you wish. If you are not aroused enough, you will feel uncomfortable, since the clitoris is a very sensitive area.
  4. You can direct it at your convenience, raising or lowering the power and placing yourself in different positions or postures.
  5. At the end you should wash the satisfyer with water and neutral soap, then dry it and store it in a place without humidity. When being in contact or very close to the intimate parts, it is necessary to maintain hygiene to reduce the risk of infection.

This sex toy can be perfectly incorporated into sexual relations with your partner. As part of games or as a complement to penetration so that both of you reach orgasm.

Fun fact: You can use the satisfyer to stimulate other erogenous zones such as the nipples and even the glans of your partner’s penis if it is a man.

Things you should know about how to use the satisfyer

  • It has no medical contraindication: so far there is no medical contraindication about the satisfyer. What is recommended is to follow the steps and precautions mentioned above.
  • Not all women like it: in life almost nothing is unanimous. For some, the satisfyer can be a disappointment or simply that they do not like the feeling they cause. Remember, we do not all think or feel the same.
  • Can be used in menopause: This is not an exclusive toy for young women. It can be used by anyone who wants to explore and enjoy their sexual pleasure, even for those women who are experiencing menopause, it is highly recommended.

The satisfyer has become the ideal toy for many women, displacing many others in popularity. The speed and intensity with which it brings us to orgasm can be exceptional for some or uncomfortable and disappointing for others.

The truth is that, either alone or with your partner, the satisfyer can be your ally to achieve more pleasant sensations or simply help you enjoy your body and add a different and fun touch to sex with your partner.

Do you dare to try it? If so, I would like you to tell me about your experiences and tell me if this is your favorite toy. Do not forget to share this information with your friends, so they also learn how to use the satisfyer.

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How to use the satisfyer? – Sexual Curiosity

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