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The clitoris, that small but fiery part of the anatomy that was erased for centuries from the bodies of women and people with vulva, is seeking to be more and more on everyone’s lips. Literally and metaphorically.

With the help of the internet, sex education and, without a doubt, erotic toys focused on the clitoris, more and more people are discovering the intense sensations that can be produced by properly stimulating it. Pleasure activists, sex educators and sexologists are searching for claim the importance of the clitoris In this coitocentric world

For the author of Club enjoyment -The Climax Club in Spanish-, Jüne Plà, sex as porn movies, chick flicks and romance novels have sold it to us has become very boring. There is a point where she and her 820k-plus followers get bored. No more. For this reason, he has been given the task of investigating ways to stimulate and enjoy more sex, beyond intercourse.

5 ways to stimulate a clitoris and not die trying

In his book Club enjoyment – Clímax Club. A cartography of pleasure–, Plà is in charge of explaining the anatomy of bodies and the best ways to stimulate them to guarantee pleasure as tastes vary. The tips range from a proper hygiene “Because if you don’t wash your hands before giving Cachivache a finger, you risk not being able to do it again for a long time” (p. 51); even the secret of a good cunnilingus –despite “there is no miracle recipe or any single way to do it, but in any case we can highlight some rules with which youAll vulvas will agree …” (p. 118)

Among the tips that Plà shares for stimulate the clitoris, they find each other:

Increase the target

No need to directly touch the glans of the clitoris, sometimes a simple stimulation of the surroundings can stimulate and excite and turn on “Cachivache” –vulva–.

Plà recommends: “Place your fingers on one side of the glans and the other and make a vertical movement. You will perhaps realize that the glans is uncovered when you are up. ” (p. 125)

Rotate around the button

“Spread your lips and surround the glans, drawing a small circle around it. Feel free to wet your finger a bit first. ” (p.127)

Be careful, says Plà. “The clitoris has a highly variable sensitivity depending on the person, which some they may find it painful, or too strong, or too much of a bummer. […] You will agree that sometimes it is more courteous do not stimulate it directly (the clitoris). However, not touching more than the glans of the clitoris for someone to enjoy should be punished with jail time. I’m not hesitating, but someone could die. Nooo, I’m obviously kidding. ”

Don’t ignore these little toys

Plà refers, within the family of erotic toys, those that are really cool. Among them are the famous clitoral suckers and the Hitachi. In Vibrations you will find both models, the clit sucker scandal and the microphone vibrator or Hitachi La Bomba, with the Montse Iserte quality certificate.

Are you tickling my stem?

The author explains that “The stalk is an area that is located just above the glans of the clitoris. When we run our finger over it we can feel like a straw under the skin. Well, there are those who love to have their stem tickled! Other people will find it boring … Anyway, as always, the communication will save them.” (p. 133)

Use your imagination. Mouth, fingers, toys. What you like

The “floc floc”

In his book, Plà explains that “[e]This simple gesture can make Cachivache completely crazy. It’s called the << floc floc >>, for the simple and good reason that if you put your ear, you will hear that noise.

With a finger or two, gently swing from the glans of the clitoris to the entrance of the vagina. Be careful with getting in very fast and do it so that your finger spreads the flow as it passes.

It is excellent, especially when it lasts and finally the finger enters the vagina… ”(p. 140)

Bonus: frustration is a good thing

“Do you know what is better than penetrating Cachivache? Well make him believe you are going to do it.

Your finger wanders in its vestibule (area of ​​the urethra and the entrance of the vagina) as if it were nothing. Once everything is very wet, you behave like “yep, I’m going to come in here!”

WELL, NO! And there Cachivache is going to bother a lot, because you always do the same to him!

We laugh, yes, but frustration often produces reactions of violent desire, so enter Cachivache only if he begs you to do so. Sadistic little trash. ” (p. 146)

Where to start in clitoral stimulation?

The reality is that the answer depends on the person and the precious moment. By this we mean that each person has different tastes and that it varies over time: what you enjoyed yesterday does not mean that you excite and enjoy again today. It varies constantly. So what we know that YES or YES it works, it’s ALWAYS communication: both with one or the same / e as with the partner -sexual-. The secret? Verbal, non-verbal, bodily, emotional communication, etc.

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How to stimulate a clitoris? (Climax Club Recommendations) – Vibracions Blog

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