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This article is based on our personal experience. Many are the groups that come to us as part of scheduled activities and that is where, due to the confidences that you usually make us, we see that the organization of a bachelorette or bachelor party is not easy.

I’m sure that if you’re reading us right now, it’s because you’re thinking about organizing one and you need to get informed so that everything goes perfectly, as the occasion deserves.

You’re right!

This is the right place, where we will give you ideas for a bachelorette party


These are our tips/proposals:

The normal thing is that the bride and groom notify us of the happy event well in advance. It’s easy at first
you all say there is still a long way to go! But in the end the same thing always happens, we leave it for the last hour… And everything gets complicated!

Keep in mind that in many places you have to book in advance and that usually, we are all tan original, that we usually organize the farewells for the same dates, so in addition, those places or activities that we would love to enjoy are highly requested (I have had 4 tuppersex in a single afternoon!!)

If there are many of you who are going to attend, you must bear in mind that you have to balance the agenda of all of you so that you are all available for D-day. Organize it with time… I will not tire of saying it.

  • Choose the location well.

If there are people who live in different places, the ideal would be that you organize the bachelorette party in a city or town somewhere in between. Surely the bride will be very excited to see you all together. It is a perfect occasion for a weekend of girls, tourism, laughter and good vibes!

  • Make the bride feel like the life of the party.

What is the best way to do it? Dress her up! You know her better than anyone, choose an original costume and walk her down the street with fun tests. Let everyone know that your friend is getting married! In our costumes section you will find everything you need to dress her and accessories so that you all go to match.


It is increasingly common that there are people with food intolerances, allergies and others. To avoid problems that could spoil the party, in that whatsapp group (which you will surely have already created), ask the members if someone suffers from any intolerance of this type, to be able to notice it in the restaurant where you are going to have lunch or dinner.

If you decide to include physical exertion activities, it is possible that not all of you have the same body condition to be able to develop it, pregnant women, for example. In that case, look for an activity where there is a bar nearby so that person can have a drink while waiting. Although the ideal is that all of you can do everything!


  • Of course… A tuppersex is essential!

Trust our experience and our know-how. Since 2012 we are Providers of Pleasure, we adapt our meetings to any group: boys, girls, mixed, gay, straight… and of all ages. So with your good vibes and our professionalism, we can pass everyone a fabulous time!

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The perfect item to ensure an evening full of laughter and good humor. Our piñatas are filled with surprises only suitable for people over 18 years of age.

You have a multitude of types, colors and models. Also, if you want it to be really special, ask about our customizable piñatas. Each one is unique, since they are all made with a lot of love and humor by hand in Spain.

With these tips and your desire to party, I’m sure everything will come out of ten and the honoree will remember it fondly all his life!!

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How to organize a perfect bachelor party? – Aphrodite’s Smile

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