How to masturbate if you’re a woman, by Amy Schumer

Today I explain how to masturbate if you are a woman. Let’s not assume that all women know how to do it. There are many secrets and as often happens with sexuality, little knowledge.

What’s more, It is not talked about much among women, especially at younger ages. And often, unfortunately, our only reference is the porno. I think that more than motivating, it paralyzes the woman who wants to masturbate for the first time.

The other day I got this picture from a comic book by Amy Shumer. I really like this woman because she talks a lot (a lot) about sex. Openly, very naturally, and from the point of view of a young woman.

So I wanted to share it on the blog, in case any woman has any questions about how to do it.

How Women Masturbate, by Amy Schumer

I am going to translate the excerpt from the book, in which it explains in a very simple and daily way, how to masturbate if you are a woman:

How to masturbate if youre a woman by Amy Schumer

«(…) lick your finger and rub in a circular motion, where your vagina reaches a point at the top, until you have an orgasm«.

And it stays so hot. But it really is that simple. Needless to say, to masturbate, especially if it’s the first time, you need to be calm, relaxed and most importantly excited.

Male Masturbation Vs. Female Masturbation

We see a clear difference in concepts between male and female masturbation. The first is conceived as something «normal» and «necessary». It is true that the physiologically men need to masturbate to avoid pain in the testicles. But this is not always the reason. In many cases they just want to feel pleasure and relax.

Something so accepted in men, why is it demonized in women?

Masturbating is healthy and necessary

Knowing yourself, in all aspects of life, is a very valuable tool. In sex especially. Knowing what you like and how you like it will save you a lot of awkward moments in the future. You will be able to guide the person next to you, and also enjoy your sexuality alone. All advantages!

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*let’s get comfortable and let’s start to take off old covers that are useless. The woman has as much right as the man, to masturbate and enjoy her body.

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How to masturbate if you’re a woman, by Amy Schumer

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