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It does not matter if we are clear why, once we have reached an age, it seems that gravity is taking its toll on us and life begins to slow down. It may be that, the effect of several decades resisting the pull of its force, which has always sought to bring us down.

Maybe not, it may be that over time many of the external stressors that keep us alert, in constant tension, have disappeared as we have been solving them. It may be our body that has been losing its poise with the progressive loss of testosterone that accompanies age. A little bit of all this may happen to us.

If you haven’t learned it already, it’s time to let go of your expectations of what sex “should” be like and dive right into the experience right under your nose. There is the key, in striving to always be present and enjoy it to the fullest.

According to the sex therapist, Colby Agostinelli, we should not throw in the towel as soon as we feel the weight of our age, because some of the possible solutions can be quite pleasant: “[El sexo] it’s also a great way to stay in shape and keep things interesting with your partner. Especially for those with ’empty nest syndrome’, it can be an essential time to reconnect and rekindle that sexual intimacy that may be gone. “

As a result of that empty nest, which also has its effect on our mood, you can take that crisis as an opportunity (when life gives you lemons, make lemonade) and take advantage of that newly freed amount of time to dedicate it to sexual exploration; either spending more time with your partner or exploring your pleasure alone.

Because the experience, although always good, also implies a greater risk of ending up falling into the routine of what works. We get lazy over time, and we end up repeating the formulas that give us the best results over and over again until they are exhausted. Having a long sexual history always involves a considerable amount of repetition. So if you want some ideas on how to introduce some fun new activities into your sex life, read on.

Regardless of how well we have done over the years, it is still true that none of us get younger with each passing year. Some pains, we have been noticing, have settled in us with the intention of staying forever. Our body, it is like this, is no longer what it was, and neither are its needs.

We have to take this into account and look for ways, more or less creative, to circumnavigate those circumstances. Changes in our usual posture, which require less physical effort; more oral sex instead of acrobatic sex; and of course, consult with our doctor if we face a situation of erectile dysfunction or any other ailment that threatens the enjoyment of our sexual life.

Because our doctors tend to stop asking about our sex lives at a point, and I think they are doing us a disservice by throwing in the towel for us when there is no reason to do so yet. It is our duty not to let this happen and to start the conversation ourselves if we think we can benefit from your advice.

Perhaps the most important lesson learned over the years is how important communication is to a couple’s sexual health. If it is for any healthy sexual relationship, it will not stop being so for a matter of time. This never changes, no matter how much you or your body change: to get the sex you want, you have to tell your partner what kind of sex you want.

When we have suffered injuries, illnesses or are affected by chronic physical ailments, it is not that we are obliged to tell our partners about them, but we do have to be honest about what makes you feel good and what does not, and about limitations, both physical as mental, that we can have.

If you are worried about how aging is affecting your sex life, a little honesty never hurts: try to bring it up and talk it over together to take your relationship, and your sense of intimacy, to a new level. And if you are a widower or someone who has been forced to rediscover their sexuality after a breakup or loss, also sharing what you are feeling with your new partner can help you deepen the intimacy and sense of connection that is so fundamental. when it comes to squeezing its full potential out of sex.

The sexual connection is much more than what we are capable of feeling during the sexual act itself. In order for your sex life to remain attractive, you have to feed it just as you would a plant when watering it to keep it alive. So think about how you interact with your partner beyond the bedroom. When was the last time you showed appreciation or affection? Is it frequent? It is not always easy, but it is advisable to make an effort and invest the time it takes so that your flame does not go out. Unexpected erotic photos, meaningful gifts, surprise dates … It doesn’t matter much. You have to make the effort if you want to reap the benefits. The more implicit sex is, the more time we spend anticipating it, the better it will be.

Feeling that your body moves, behaves or looks differently is the most normal thing in the world. And nothing happens, as the authors recommend Melinda Smith y Jeanne SegalThe main thing is to “reap the benefits of the experience” rather than obsessing over how our sex lives have changed with age.

If you haven’t learned it already, it’s time to let go of your expectations of what sex “should” be like and dive right into the experience right under your nose. There is the key, in striving to always be present and enjoy it to the fullest.

“Don’t let the lack of an open debate on sexuality and aging keep you from enjoying yourself,” recalls Agostinelli. “If your sex life has always been satisfying, there is no problem in you continuing to pretend that it is so, in being open that age is not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter and the time to try new things.”

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How to Keep Sex Fun Beyond 50 – Homorectile

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