How to find his / her sex therapist? Schedule ? Price ? Repayment ?

A question of well-being or sexuality?
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Consult a sexual health and wellness specialist by phone, messaging or video, 7 days a week.

Usually, the first person to turn to in the event of a sexual problem is the general practitioner.

Even if he / she is not a specialist in sexuality issues, it is always interesting to be referred by a health professional. Especially if it’s your doctor and you trust him or her.

Depending on your symptoms or your sexual difficulties, he will be able to refer you to:

  • Or a psychologist, depending on their network.

You can also consult a sex therapist online easily at The team brings together midwives, sexologists and psychologists specially trained to meet the expectations of women at all times of their lives.

Finally, ask about the diplomas of your sex therapist ! A sex therapist should rightly have a minimum of qualifications. In France, it is a DIU (Inter University Diploma) in sexology, in 3 years. And besides, many doctors (psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.) decide to complete their training with this discipline.

In general, all university degrees are a guarantee of seriousness; be more suspicious of private diplomas, even if the Institute of Sexology and School of psycho-sexology provide solid training through doctors or psychologists for 2 to 3 years.

What is the role of the sex therapist?

First, to listen: you need to feel comfortable and confident in talking about your intimate problems.

Like the midwife during pregnancy and postpartum, the sex therapist is first and foremost a privileged interlocutor, able to accompany you in the long term for sex therapy or quite simply during a consultation.

He or she will first seek to understand the origin of your difficulty, if it has to do with stress for example, anxiety, the relationship of a couple, poor sex education, etc.

Depending on the diagnosis he or she will make, the sex therapist may also refer you to other specialists, in particular to check whether or not your problems can be explained by a physical cause.

A psychotherapist can also come to the aid of the sex therapist, if the disorders are more of a behavioral or psychological origin.

Indeed, sexuality has an important psychological dimension: the brain is the first sexual organ! It is he who modulates our desire, our excitement, thanks to the neurotransmitters or hormones that it secretes.

Among the psychological disorders that can be the cause of sexual disorders, we can cite, among others:

  • A lack of self-confidence;
  • The search for performance;
  • The relationship with the partner;
  • The first sexual intercourse in connection with a trauma;
  • Or parental education.

These different avenues can help to understand your history, in order to better understand the origin of a disorder.

So, in summary, the sexology consultation opens up reassuring prospects for patients who are often alone or isolated, lacking dialogue or not knowing who to contact.

Depending on each person, and with his or her network of practitioners, the sex therapist is the ideal person to resolve your problems and / or to refer you to colleagues if necessary: ​​gynecologist, sex therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist, physiotherapist, etc.

Where to consult a sex therapist?

It is possible to consult a sexologist at the hospital, in the gynecology, urology or endocrinology departments, but also in an office, in family planning or in a nursing home.

These consultations are highly sought after and reimbursed by social security: the major drawback is therefore that it sometimes takes several months to obtain a consultation …

The multidisciplinary team of is now democratizing the teleconsultation (remote consultation) of female sexology. It is therefore possible to have an appointment with a sex therapist more quickly and to choose him or her according to his experience.

What is the average price for a sexology consultation?

Outside the Paris region or large metropolitan areas, the prices for a sexology consultation start at 50 euros.

But the prices are more widely located between 80 and 100 euros, especially in Paris. If the sex therapist is a doctor, social security can cover part of it, and mutuals sometimes cover the rest.

  • Among a multidisciplinary team qualified sex therapists, psychologists and midwives;
  • It is possible to have a reservation the same day or in 24 hours. decomplexes sexology and facilitates access to a consultation claims to have uninhibited sexuality for women.

Whether it is relationship problems, lack of desire, pain during penetration (vaginismus, dyspareunia, etc.), disorders or difficulties in reaching orgasm (anorgasmia, dysorgasmia, etc.), our team of practitioners (sexologists, psychologists, midwives) can help you find solutions with kindness.

Because even if sexualities evolve, many taboos or clichés persist – particularly around female sexuality. The role of the sex therapist is therefore first of all to listen, to make a diagnosis if necessary, but also to provide better information on sexuality.

Taking the time to communicate is decisive, in a society where everything is performance-oriented: therefore gives meaning to sexuality and is dedicated to the well-being of women.

A question of well-being or sexuality?
Talk to a therapist or sex therapist on

Consult a sexual health and wellness specialist by phone, messaging or video, 7 days a week. the health platform dedicated to women is a health platform dedicated to women bringing together practitioners all graduated in sexology.

They are supervised by a scientific committee made up of sex therapists and university professors in sexology and executive members of sex therapists associations.

The platform allows all women to consult online one of the specialists in questions of sexuality and / or well-being. The online consultation can take place by 3 modes (telephone, secure messaging or videoconference) and has all of the following advantages:

  • A team of practitioners female sexuality specialists and specially trained in the practice of teleconsultation;
  • A 30-minute consultation at 45 euros (the prices in practice vary from 80 to 100 euros);
  • Product delivery support in 24 or 48 hours;

The data is collected and secured by an approved and certified hosting provider for health data within the meaning of the provisions of article L.1111-8 of the public health code.

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How to find his / her sex therapist? Schedule ? Price ? Repayment ?

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