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The first thing to do if you have an erection problem is to determine the cause. Is it a medical cause or not? It is absolutely crucial that you determine this because in case of suspicion of a medical problem I strongly advise you to consult your doctor if you have not already done so. To do this, you must determine the score of your erection, its “power” or its effectiveness if you prefer.

The erection score helps determine whether you have a medical condition or not.

However, don’t panic! Most erection problems do not have a medical cause.

To properly assess the erection, we will assign it a score. This number will be between 0 and 5. It is very important that you take the highest number, it is the one there alone which will determine the result. Here is the rating:

  • no erection at all
  • 1 sex swells slightly without standing up
  • 2 the sex swells and stands up but vaginal penetration is not possible
  • 3 the sex is just hard enough to allow vaginal penetration
  • 4 if you are standing, the penis is a little below horizontal
  • 5 full erection, if you are standing the penis is just above the horizontal

This score of 3 is the “pivot” score. It must be the one you will seek to achieve first because it is this score that allows penetration.

The 3 situations of erection

You are now going to determine a number according to the different situations where the erection can appear:

1time location: night

During the sleep phase, the erection is triggered automatically. Of course I’m not going to ask you to check your erection while you sleep, that wouldn’t make any sense! On the other hand, this automatic erection persists during the first moments after you wake up, so you can make a quotation at this time.

2th situation: alone in masturbation

Masturbation is also a favorable time to have an erection because there is no pressure from failure, so there is an intellectual relaxation, a zenitude. So with stimulation alone, you can rate your erection.

3th situation: during sex

Finally the last situation is during your sexual intercourse which will be your last quotation. This is usually when erection problems occur. For example, you can be hard during foreplay and lose your erection if it lasts too long. You can also successfully penetrate your partner and only then will the erection diminish. It is also possible that the erection never or very little rises. Either way, choose the highest number during foreplay or penetration.


For the results, you will take the highest result, regardless of the situation. The frequency of the result does not matter, you should take the highest result you have obtained in the last three months.

The result is the highest score, regardless of the situation and the frequency of this maximum erection.

For example, if your result is 4 when waking up, 3 alone when masturbating and 1 during sex, your result is the highest number i.e. 4. And even if this score only happened once in ten in the past few weeks!

Interpreting your score

If the result is 4 or 5: your erection problem is behavioral… you can fully commit to controlling your erection to boost it! And note which is of great importance: you have no medical problem that would interfere with your erection! You just need to learn and practice!

If the result is 3 or less: you must consult your doctor first and then of course you can use this method to improve your erection. Even if you need help with medication, your erection will still be optimal.

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How to determine your erection score? – The Sexologist Blog

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