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One of the most common doubts in Sexperimentando is if you really all women are multi-orgasmic or not … In fact, 3 years ago in one of my sex questions on Monday I asked you and the results were the following: 36% said that all of them are, 63% that only some, and 1% said that none …

Well, you only got 36% of those who answered right at that time. The truth is that ALL women are potentially multi-orgasmic … another thing is that they have experienced it. I imagine that if you are here it is because you are interested in learning how to achieve it so… Let’s go there!

How to get a woman to experience multiple orgasms? How to become a multi-orgasmic woman?

I’ll tell you about it in my video of the week! … but, as always, I give you some interesting points to keep in mind:

  1. All women are multi-orgasmic by nature because we do not have a refractory period as the vast majority of men do. About the refractory period I had spoken to you a while ago here.
  2. In connection with the previous point, it is important to know that, at least at a physiological level, orgasm happens when a lot of blood accumulates in a part of the body. In the case of women, it takes longer for this blood to “come out” of the genitals and therefore, with good stimulation and desire, it is quite possible to experience an orgasm again … and another … and another.
  3. Of course, it is very important to be aware that there are no different types of orgasms in women. That “some are clitoral and others vaginal” is a myth as widespread as it is erroneous. If you want to know more about this, I tell you here.
  4. The key is usually to do what each of you likes and continue with the stimulation, just “build it up” and give yourself the opportunity. Remember that a sexual relationship ends when both of you want to, not when one of you reaches orgasm or the man ejaculates.
  5. Finally, it goes without saying that orgasm is by no means the only goal of sex. It is not at all necessary to enjoy it, but if you take several with you then… who is bitter about a sweet?

Now, you are ready to see the full video in which I tell you much more. I hope you share it with your friends because we can all use this information very well. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave me your comments!

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How to be a MULTIORGASMIC woman? I teach you to achieve multiple orgasms – Sexperimentando

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