How the adventurers of “The Island” live abstinence

TELEVISION – You must have already asked yourself the question in front of “The Island”. What about the libido of the adventurers and adventurers of M6, abandoned on a desert island for 28 days?

Jeremy Angelier participated in season 1 of “The Island”, alone in the world, as a cameraman (in this show, the adventurers film themselves). In a book published on April 6, he recounts his return to the wild, thirst, hunger but also loneliness.

On the 24th day of his adventure, he wonders about the absence of feminine presence and desire. Here is what we can read in his travel diary:

“Away from people, far from modern comforts, deprived of food, the lack of everything is felt. For example, it’s been more than three weeks since I’ve seen a woman! She’s one of the particular sociological aspects of this first edition of the adventure, we only share this experience among men.

Why? I don’t really have an answer, but the absence of a female presence intrigued me before our arrival. Is the male/female exchange incompatible with a survival experience? Will this lack have a destabilizing effect? When I left my wife, I wondered what abstinence would be like…

But, incredible as it may seem, my carnal appetite is close to nil. My body and my mind have abandoned all forms of libido. I have neither desire nor prospect of desire. By taking a vow of enforced chastity, my body focused on its basic needs: eating, drinking and sleeping. You have to believe that sex life outside of reproduction is not so essential to man.”

In season 1 of “The Island”, only men participated in the adventure. In the current season, the women are there but they have their own island. The production did not mix the sexes but never gave reasons for this separation.

In “Koh-Lanta” where men and women take part in the same adventure, the candidates, like Denis Brogniart, have already spoken on several occasions about the total absence of libido on the camp.

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How the adventurers of “The Island” live abstinence

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