How long should the sexual act last?

How long should the sexual act really last? This is the question discussed by Dr. Jaramillo and the coach Jorge Espinosa in the new episode of educating conscience.

According to Dr. Jaramillo y Espinosa, at a general level, there is a disconnection between reality and what is believed about sexuality. This is due to a lack of sexual education, which in many cases causes the point of reference, both for men and women, to be pornography, where a fantasy is generated about what the sexual act really is. In fact, according to studies published by organizations such as Save the Children Y Office of the Children’s Commissioner porn and other products for adults are the main reference on issues of sexuality for young people.

“The best fuck lasts more than an hour”, “I always have to be ready and eager” and “The libido, regardless of age, will always be the same”, are just some of the myths that, according to Espinosa, are going to have a negative impact on anyone’s confidence. Additionally, several studies have shown that an early approach to porn causes a disconnection in people’s physiological needs, that is, real sex does not meet the expectations that they had generated about it.

Dr. Jaramillo concludes that, “by definition of the urology school”, the sexual act actually lasts between 5 and 15 or 20 minutes, approximately, removing the preliminaries.

the truth of sex

Sex is an activity that has ups and downs, and it will never be the same, as it depends on physical and mental health and the environment, among other factors. The stages that can occur during the sexual act are arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution, but not all of them always happen. In the first stage, nervous stimuli are produced that activate the secretion of lubricating liquids and the relaxation of the muscles; the plateau is the stage of duration of the physical effects of arousal that lead to orgasm and the resolution is the lowering of physical reactions.

According to Jaramillo and Espinosa, for men, a sexual act that lasts less than two minutes is already considered premature ejaculation and more than 20 minutes is defying human physiology. In the case of women, the time needed to reach orgasm ranges between approximately 13 and 15 minutes, but it is physically possible to reach it in less than 1 minute. These times may vary depending on the variables mentioned above and every detail that happens in the previous stages and during the sexual act.

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Dr. Carlos Jaramillo is a doctor who has focused his professional career on generating a health model that transforms people’s lives through nutrition and good habits. In addition, through functional medicine, he seeks to cure chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal and autoimmune diseases, among others) from the root. He is the author of successful books such as The Metabolic Miracle (2019), The Anti-Stress Miracle (2020), and HOW TO (2021).

His particular interest in nutrition began with his own health. After suffering from chronic gastritis and taking medications from the market, Dr. Carlos Jaramillo discovered that his health depends on himself. Based on science, he discovered what the true good habits should be and what nutrition should be like. In this way, he stopped feeling continuous pain and dedicated himself to spreading his method, based on functional medicine, on his social media channels, carrying a strong message: “Health is in the hands of each person.”

On the other hand, Jorge Espinosa is a coach specialized in interpersonal relationships that focuses on helping to exploit the feminine potential at 100%. Her interest in helping women has always been present in her life. In 2021 she published the book How to be an attraction magnetwith whom he shares secrets to attract love.

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How long should the sexual act last?