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When I gave birth I remember that Mrs. Libido decided to pack her bags and go on a trip. The good woman took a long time to return, but in the end she came to appear and the good father gave her political asylum, fearing that she was going to knock on the door again. I had no discomfort, I was very well advised and the pelvic floor did not suffer so we resumed normally and without mishaps along the way (I told you here). However, sometimes a lack of lubrication, a larger-than-normal episiotomy, or a tear can make these first few times uncomfortable. About sex after childbirth and much more talks to us today to Arancha Gómez.

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When a malamadre gives birth is like landing on a strange planet. And every thing he does after P(art) day becomes a landmark: the first time you make food, the first time you go shopping, the first time you go out (going home from the hospital doesn’t count), the first time you go to the pediatrician. And it is that, although your house, car and street are usually the same, the rules have changed… Or so it seems because the baby is never too far from you, he seems to be the one who governs your schedules and, very often, It seems that a tornado has passed through your body.

As the days go by and you are doing more and more things and not just aa, but several times, you gain confidence in your abilities and certain routines are established. After a couple of months, both you and the good father (or the good mother) manage yourselves quite well, with the usual tasks that the baby requires and those that make the house work reasonably well (that there is something to eat at mealtimes, that there is toilet paper, that there is clean clothes, if it is also ironed, the thing is already for note).

One of those first times that command a certain respect is to go back to have erotic intercourse with penetration. Doctors usually give the green light after quarantine, but if there have been no stitches in the perineum (either due to an episiotomy or a tear) or if the good son was not born by cesarean section, they can be resumed earlier. You can solve your doubts in this article with the postpartum frequently asked questions.

What It is not as fierce as they paint the lionIn most cases, especially if there have been no stitches during childbirth and if we take our time those first few times to do what we feel like doing, penetration is usually no more difficult than on any other occasion.

But, it happens sometimes that they occur discomfort that can have different reasons: lack of lubrication, that the perineum not be as flexible as before, that the muscles of the are contracted…

Some of our allies in these cases of difficulties would be the following:

1. Lubricants.

There are different types, with flavors, oils can also be used (but not if we use a condom). They help us alleviate vaginal dryness and can be included in caresses and can also be used on the rest of the body, not so much to avoid dryness, but for the pleasure of spreading it and feeling it on the other’s skin or on our own. .

2. Massages.

If the perineum is less flexible, we can try to help it recover the lost elasticity with massage. To avoid damaging the sensitive skin in the area, oil or lubricant can be used. These massages can be “very technical” or more erotic, depending on how we feel.

3. Patience.

If that first time doesn’t go as well as you thought, you can change your plans. It is not necessary to force and continue to the end as it may be. Or you can reach the end by another route, you know that all roads lead to… Rome?

And, of course, if the difficulties persist, penetration always occurs with discomfort (dyspareunia) or is not possible (vaginismus), consulting a sexologist or sexologist can prevent these difficulties from getting worse or becoming entrenched.

And you, how did you live your first times after childbirth? When did you start to resume them?


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How does sex feel after giving birth? – Malasmadres Club

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