How do you know if you are a premature ejaculator? Practical tips

We imagine that if you are here, it is because you want to know if you can become premature ejaculation. You have come to the right place, in a while you will have everything clearer, you are invited to read the article in its entirety to know the answer, will you join us?

How is premature ejaculation identified?

It is true that the premature ejaculation It can be somewhat confusing to identify, especially if you do not know that because it has occurred occasionally, it does not mean that you suffer. In order to begin to consider it a problem, it must interfere with your sexual life. If it happens to you half the time you try to have sex, seek help.

Today we have methods at hand that speed up the diagnosis and help to start as soon as possible in the prevention, treatment and improvement against this dysfunction. We talk about the tests of premature ejaculation online that have positioned themselves as one of the most used methods by Spaniards. Perhaps it is because the tests are quick, discreet and you can do them in the comfort of your home without the need to go to the clinic. Science advances by giving us these kinds of luxuries.

We can assure you that taking action on the matter is the best option. Many men feel embarrassed and avoid sexual encounters. Therefore, at the end of this reading you will find the possibility of taking the test on premature ejaculation that we always recommend, don’t stop doing it!

What is the premature ejaculation?

The premature ejaculation it can arise at any age. However, it is usually seen more in young subjects. It can be considered premature ejaculation when you have an unwanted ejaculation (1 to 2 minutes) while having a relationship. Up to 70% of men have had an episode in their life but it becomes constant in up to 30% of men. When this happens, negative feelings of guilt are triggered, on the other hand, the couple often feel frustrated by not meeting their needs.

Main causes of premature ejaculation

Before it was attributed a psychological origin. However, research in recent years shows that there is a imbalance in brain chemistry or certain genetics.

It is common to see in many patients how a vicious circle is created in which the disease itself causes states of anxiety and the latter make the situation worse.

It can be caused by:

  • High expectations or pressure on your sexual performance.
  • Negative experiences around sexuality.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Stress.
  • Disciplines that prevent intercourse.
  • Chemical imbalances in the brain.
  • Inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra.

How do I know if I am a premature ejaculator? Which is the first step?

The first step you can take is to take the test. Created by experts and scientifically based on the International Urological Index. During this test, you will be asked questions that you will have to answer based on your sexual experience in the last six months.

Once you have taken the test and are diagnosed, you will start working with your therapist. Before using any method to alleviate your sexual dysfunction, he will ask you a series of questions regarding your medical history and other issues. This procedure aims to better understand the cause of the problem in order to assign an effective treatment.

Practical tips

When a man goes through a situation like this, it is normal for his mood to weaken and he does not even know where to start.

Here are some tips that can help you:

  1. Communicate with your partner: it is vital to keep communication open and fluent. Save a few minutes a day to talk, express feelings and emotions.
  2. Live your sexuality without pressure: Although your performance disappoints you, do not pressure yourself, you have not decided to have premature ejaculation.
  3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle based on healthy eating, sports and meditation: this balanced ensemble gives us strength, perspective and happiness.
  4. Opt for 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise: Just practice 10 minutes of meditation to get rid of stress. You will notice big changes if you keep it.

Finally, we leave you a paragraph in which all the tips and actions are summarized:

“It is a priority to go to a men’s sexual health clinic. On the other hand, we have in our hands the power to communicate, avoid stress, pressure and maintain a healthy lifestyle ”, says Héctor Corredor, International Medical Director of Boston Medical Group.

We are sure that with dedication you will be able to overcome it! Start by completing the free online test that you can see below this article, you can answer it from anywhere you want, it will only take you a few minutes to answer your questions!

Article validated by Juan Manuel Martinez Preciado, Surgeon with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Sexology, member of the Boston Medical Group international medical management group.

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How do you know if you are a premature ejaculator? Practical tips

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