High school students denounce sexual abuse and cover-up in Valdivia establishments

Valdivia high school students accuse situations of abuse, sexual harassment and concealment within city establishments. For this reason, they demonstrated on the Pedro de Valdivia bridge, interrupting traffic. Government and municipal authorities attended the scene.

High school students kept traffic interrupted on the bridge Peter of Valdivia from the same city, Los Ríos region. They accuse different situations of abuse and sexual harassment against their colleagues.

As collected by Radio Bio Bio In the place, the schoolchildren accuse that the acts were committed by university professors and students against female students, facts that they emphasize, even being hidden by educational entities.

The demonstrators have passed through different points of the regional capital, adding the support of schoolchildren from the Armando Robles High School, Grace and Peace Institute, Santa María La Blanca High School and the Commercial Institute.

After noon this Thursday, they have occupied the roadway of said bridge with elements such as wooden sticks and signage. They also set up a barricade.

Constance Riquelme | RBB
Student barricade in Valdivia
Constance Riquelme | RBB

Response from Seremi of Education

In a dialogue with the mobilized students, the Ministry of Education in the rivers, John Paul Gertercalled on the young people to file complaints with the courts, in order to initiate an investigation.

“We understand and talk with the community. We invite the students so that they can sit with us at the Table and reach certain agreements”, she said. He added that “from the Portfolio we have a record of an increase in cases of abuse in the region, but now in the case of high schools there are situations that have not yet been reported. We need those complaints to be made“.

In this regard, the authority emphasized being willing to respond and support the requirements of the students, focused on “working to combat the culture of abuse.”

Seremi of Education Los Ríos
Constance Riquelme | RBB

“We do not want solutions in months or years”

For their part, the secondary insist that they require prompt solutions, not to start a process in terms that take months or years to deliver solutions.

About, Christopher Rozascouncilman president of the Education Commission of the municipality of Valdivia, assured that dialogues have been established with the schools involved.

It also offered the secondaries a meeting scheduled for tomorrow Friday with the mayor of the communein addition to morning spaces so that they can reflect and organize the corresponding complaints to present.

Regarding the time to deliver sanctionsthe authority stated that the processes do not have capricious deadlines, but will respond to the nature of the complaints, and if they correspond to summaries or investigations with the Prosecutor’s Office.

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High school students denounce sexual abuse and cover-up in Valdivia establishments