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The mother of the boy allegedly the victim of sexual abuse by other students of the school he attended gave a heartbreaking and painful account of how he found out and proceeded after verifying the fact. She reiterated that the authorities of the educational center were aware of what had happened, but that they did nothing to protect her son.

Her voice cracking and noticeably affected, the mother who reported that her son was a victim of sexual abuserecounted point by point how he found out what happened and the instances to which he resorted seeking protection and assistance for the minor.

“This ordeal began on March 31, when I saw that my son came ‘strange’ and dirty, in a different way, I also saw the little nails, ”said the woman. The boy replied that there were teenagers who approached him and became friends. They also told him that they were going to give slogans, besides that he was the “chosen one”, and that one child from each grade would be selected.

He alerted the child’s teacher to this situation, who assured him that they were going to find out and not to worry because “nothing was going to happen.”

The mother’s concern increased because it is not usual for older children, already adolescents, to approach the younger ones. This was the first indication that something was wrong, as she stated. “They reassured me that there was no problemthat they were going to talk to the coordinator and that they were going to activate prevention mechanisms,” he said.

The director was aware

The mother continued her story by insisting that her child “he told her everything that happened in the bathroom”. Regarding this situation, he informed the directors of the school whom he consulted about the protocols to be activated to protect the child and also apply the pertinent corrective measures.

When asked about the complaint of March 31, the director said she was not aware of the matter while the coordinator pointed out that she was aware. Asked what she did about it, she remained silent, according to the mother. “This fact was not reported to the Prosecutor’s Office, the MEC or the Police.. She missed all of this,” she stated.

He said that given the lack of answers from the school, he turned to the Public ministrywhere he took his son to testify before the forensic psychologist.

After this, he received a call from the school because they supposedly had news, but it was only to inquire about the complaint he filed with the Prosecutor’s Office.

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Three to four attackers

The woman said that her child said that there were at least three or four aggressors, the same ones who approached him to give him instructions. “This came to light, there was no other. And today we are here, and as I told the director ‘this is not going to remain on my conscience if it happens to another child,’” she remarked.

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According to the mother’s account, she realized that something had happened to her son because when she went to look for him on the afternoon of April 26, she found him erratic, with his uniform on badly, stumbling, and a guard had to help him get on the the truck.

Realizing the situation, he took him to a sanatorium to be inspected.

The school was sealed

At another point, the mother reiterated that the school remained hermetic at all times and did not contribute to the investigation. She indicated that they admitted that they saw the images of the closed circuit but that they did not send them to the Prosecutor’s Office.

He also mentioned that they will resort to all legal instances to prevent the aggression from going unpunished. “Today we no longer know how we are going to be as a family. They saw my son as easy prey”, he narrowed down.

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Another alarming fact that the mother gave in her story is that the minor was threatened with death by the alleged abusers. “They told him to shut up, they yelled at him that they were going to cut off his head if he spoke, that they were going to kill him,” she said.

Abuse in the school bathroom

Given the mother’s complaint about the alleged sexual abuse of which her six-year-old son was a victim, the Public Ministry opened an investigation and assigned the prosecutors Myriam Rodriguez, Laura Avalos, and Laura Guillen to investigate the case.

According to the complaint, the event was recorded on April 26 in the bathroom of the Lambaré school. Some 15-year-old teenagers allegedly sexually abused a six-year-old boy.

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Heartbreaking story of the mother of the alleged victim of sexual abuse – Nationals – ABC Color