He is a priest and deputy director: they denounce him for violence and for covering up sexual harassment

The femicide of Margarita Vascunian Sánchez (52) at the hands of her partner, teacher Fabián Alejandro Romero (57), unleashed a wave of protests and public complaints about different situations of harassment and violence suffered by students from various locations in Sierras Chicas, in the province of Cordoba.

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First, it was the students of Ipem 387 in Agua de Oro who reiterated (they had made protests in October 2021) that Fabián Romero and four other teachers were harassing them and asked that they be removed from the Sotero Eugenio Bartolomé school.

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Now, students from Ipetym 61 in El Pueblito, Salsipuedes, -another of the schools where Romero taught classes and practiced gender-based violence- denounced a teacher for sexual harassment and the very same deputy director of the institution, the priest Daniel Frattin, for intimidation, verbal and physical violence, exercised to protect, they say, the denounced teacher.

“He tells us that we are whores, that by coming in tights we provoke others,” a student told the program Tanta Trampa, broadcast by 102.3 FM.

“I thought there were 5 or 6 of us who had things to say, but today in the protest there were a lot of girls who had been through similar things,” said an Ipetym student, adding that they suffer from “disgusting and horrible attitudes.”

Photo: newssierrachicas
Photo: newssierrachicas

In this context, on May 3, they held a protest to make visible what is happening within the institution around complaints of cases of harassment and violent situations, which, according to what they said, are ignored by the director, Claudia Colombo.

The trigger for the sit-in was the return to the classrooms of Frattin, who in addition to being a deputy director is a teacher, and had been removed due to complaints of gender-based violence against female students. According to the students, the priest had already been denounced repeatedly by fellow teachers since 2007.

In an audio broadcast on the program So Much Trap, from FM 102.3one of the girls said that in a previous assembly held in April, Frattin cut off their microphone, ripped it out of their hands, and told them “you are not the one to talk about these issues.”

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According to what she said, the deputy director used verbal and misogynistic violence against the students in a constant and systematic way, even questioning the way they were dressed despite being within school regulations.

In addition, the girl pointed out that Frattin even told them “to turn around to take a good look at the clothes and accuse us of provocation.”

Poster at the Salsipuedes school. Photo: aguadeoronoticias
Poster at the Salsipuedes school. Photo: aguadeoronoticias

“On April 21 we did a sit-in because we had not been listened to. We had a teacher who harassed us and we have the deputy director who also harasses us verbally, he tells us that we are whores, that by coming in leggings we provoked the others, he hit a student, and she has complaints from teachers,” the student pointed out.

“I was one of those who suffered harassment from the teacher: he asked me if he could catch me at my house and if I liked older people, and why had I never tried an older person before”said the young woman.

After the aforementioned complaints, an investigation process began by the Ministry of Education, but according to the students, everything came to naught, since after two days, Frattín returned to teach his classes at the school.

“Yesterday (on May 2) we saw that the deputy director came to teach because, apart from being a deputy director, he is a teacher. He was teaching as if nothing had happened and also in his role as deputy director. That was when everything rotted because we said no can be”. After that, they held the sit-in.

We need to know right now why the deputy director was here, since we asked a preceptor and she told us “well, I had to come back.” The director (Claudia Colombo) told us that the inspector told her that he was already qualified to teach again. When it isn’t. Nobody thinks a violent, misogynistic person is safe and they continue with their position that Frattín has to continue in school. I’m not sure if I see it, it disgusts me, it makes me sick to see it,” said the young woman.

Photo: aguadeoronoticias.com.ar
Photo: aguadeoronoticias.com.ar

The students of Ipetym 61 are carrying out new protests, not only against the two teachers accused of abuse, but also for the corporate defense of managers and teachers who seek to cover up situations as serious as gender violence.

According to the students, other teachers went through the classrooms defending the harassers, telling them that “they don’t have to accuse people (for the two denounced) just like that.”

chilling facts

As reported in the program Tanta Trampa so far in 2022, eleven teachers have been removed from their positions due to complaints of harassment of students in schools in towns located in Sierras Chicas: five in Ipem 387 in Agua de Oro, two in one from Ipetym 61 in Salsipuedes, one from the Maestro Alfredo Bravo Technical Institute in Río Ceballos, two more from the Mariano Moreno school in the same town, and one from a school in Villa Allende.

What did the educational authorities do about it?

“The course of an investigation has been opened. We seek clarification so that boys and girls can be safe. The authorities are already taking action on the matter,” said one of the teachers from Ipetym 61 in Salsipuedes.

From then on, the Technical Education inspector, Alejandra Torregiani, drew up a record, took the students’ statements, and “that first instance of listening was opened,” one of the students told a local newspaper.

In addition, the young man said that “one of the teachers was removed by the institution and the other, the deputy director, Inspection reported through the director (Colombo) that he was able to return to the classroom.”

“From inspection they told us that they are studying and seeing what sanctions are going to be applied, but they are not attending to our need to remove him because we consider him an uncomfortable presence. It hurts us to have him in the institution and even more so since there is an investigation”the student pointed out.

The young man stressed that the authorities should be giving us a space for reflection “to process these events that are traumatic for us (…)”. …)”, asked the student.

From the Ministry of Education of the province they reported that the separated teachers did not return and will not return to school. “They continue to be separated without functions in front of the classroom,” they affirmed, although this is clearly not the case in the case of Father Frattin.

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He is a priest and deputy director: they denounce him for violence and for covering up sexual harassment