‘Green flags’ that you have to look for in your partner this 2022 (and always)

Can you imagine that you have started 2022 with an emotionally accessible person who does not run away from commitment and wants to have a relationship with you?

If it has not happened to you, this article you are equally interested in what comes -prevention is better than cure-.


At this point in my life I know how to tell you straight away what the warning signs are or red flags that throw me back someone’s.

But, do we know how to identify positive alerts, those that show that we are facing a good couple material?

In my years of (dis)appointments in love, I have come to the conclusion that what conquers me from a person is the next:

  1. That validate my emotions. Even if you don’t understand them. Even if he gets caught because I’ve started crying because of my period. Let him tell me that it’s okay because he’s sad and that he’s there to support me, wipe the giant snot that falls from my nose or just be there with me.
  2. to be interested in me in a linear way, not that one day he gives me a conversation and disappears the next three. Who wants to know about my work, my tastes, my dreams or the reason why I have a scar on the right side of my chin.
  3. Speak well of your ex. Be careful, not that he is still in love, but that he is able to see the good in him (or her). That he be able to highlight what he contributed to him as a person and what he has learned from the breakup. If he speaks ill of all his ex-partners, run away.
  4. Have a flat rate of respect. That he respects me, of course, but also the rest of the people, whether they are known or unknown. That respects animals and the environment.
  5. that I can be myself by his side, without filters or make-up. That I laugh so much that I spit out the water and amuse him instead of making a fuss. To accept that I don’t share dessert or that I always change my clothes three times before leaving the house.
  6. Being able to do self-criticism. To reflect on their less good behaviors and be able to remedy them. That it doesn’t stay in the “I’m just like that” but in the “I’ll take it into account and I’ll try to do it differently next time”.
  7. open up with sincerity. That we can talk about anything, our fears, our insecurities, past sexual experiences, relationships overcome or traumas that we still manage as adults from our childhood.
  8. Have a life outside of the relationship. That he goes out with his friends, has passions in which I have no place and others that he can share (if he wants) with me. But make your plans, enjoy your moments without me and have your own space.
  9. Treat your parents with love. That he speaks to them in a good way, that he takes care of them, that he worries about them.
  10. have confidence in me. Total and absolute. Like the one you will receive from me. That if I tell him I’m going to a party with some friends, he wishes me to have a great time. Because he knows that if I tell him I want to be with him, I really think (and feel) it.

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‘Green flags’ that you have to look for in your partner this 2022 (and always)

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