Government reopens debate on sex assistants for the disabled

POLICY – The announcement comes as Emmanuel Macron will chair the “national disability conference” on Tuesday. This Sunday, February 9, Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State in charge of disabled people, said she was in favor of “supporting sexual life” for people with disabilities.

“It was taboo in our society. The company has matured ”, she said. on Europe 1, confirming that it had referred the matter to the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE), as revealed by the JDD.

According to her, it is about “giving disabled people full citizenship with respect and dignity. It is also the right to an intimate, emotional and sexual life ”. Sophie Cluzel also judges “beside the point” those who compare these devices to prostitution networks.

These sex life assistants exist elsewhere

In her letter sent to the National Ethics Committee, the former associative activist considers “it essential to reopen ethical reflection by addressing the subject of sexual assistance with a renewed vision”. A debate which “poses the fundamental question of knowing whether or not one can claim to have recourse to sexual services” and “must lead the whole of society to reflect on questions as existential as the place of the ‘intimate’ in demands for new rights, ”she wrote.

On Europe 1, Sophie Cluzel also pointed out that similar systems have been put in place abroad. “These sex life assistants already exist in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland”, she explains, before adding: “Let’s go and see how they were trained. This will make us make a colossal leap in the treatment of people, the collection of their desire ”.

The Ethics Council said no in 2013

In 2013, this same ethics committee issued an unfavorable opinion on this subject, after being contacted by Roselyne Bachelot a few months earlier. “It is not possible to make sexual assistance a professional situation like any other because of the principle of non-commercial use of the human body”, argued the CCNE in this opinion. put online.

In addition, the committee proposed to train nursing and educational staff in the sexuality of patients, with in particular “a technical aspect (for example facilitating physical relations between disabled people, or access to mechanical means of sexual satisfaction)”. It remains to be seen whether or not CCNE has moved on this issue.

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Government reopens debate on sex assistants for the disabled

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