GOP Madison Cawthorn Sparks “Sex Tape” Scandal With Another Man; accuses campaign against him

Madison Cawthorn is seeking re-election to the House of Representatives.

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A video published on social networks shows the Republican representative Madison Cawthorn (North Carolina) naked in a kind of sexual act with another manbut the politician affirms that the images captured the moment in which he played a joke on a friend.

The images were leaked by a group opposed to Cawthorn – who is supported by the former president donald trump— a few days before the primary election in the entity, scheduled for May 17.

The 26-year-old politician is seeking re-election and posted an official position on his Twitter accountwhere he said that the images show him “being rude to a friend” and “acting like a fool”, but accused that everything was an attack against him.

“A new blow has just fallen against me. Years ago in this video he was being rude to a friend, trying to be funny. We were being silly and joking around. That’s it. He did NOT push me back. I told you there would be a knocking campaign. Blackmail will not win,” he stated.

In the video message posted on his Twitter account, Cawthorn does not apologize for the footage, but indicates that his opponents want to stop him.

The Republican representative has been in the midst of controversy constantly, such as when photos of him wearing women’s lingerie were published, also stating that it was a joke.

However, Cawthorn unleashed the fury of his party colleagues in Congress, after claim that several congressmen had invited him to orgieswhere drugs were distributed.

That even sparked a tough stance from the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (California), who said he had lost confidence in the 26-year-old politician, who acknowledged that his claims were “exaggerated.”

“I just told him that he has lost my trust and that he will have to earn it back. I exposed everything that I find to be improper… It has a lot of upset members. You can’t just make statements out there,” McCarthy said last March after a meeting with his colleagues.

In July 2021, Cawthorn reportedly attempted to pass a loaded gun through a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at the Charlotte City Airport, but claimed he did so “by mistake.” The incident was revealed in March this year.

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GOP Madison Cawthorn Sparks “Sex Tape” Scandal With Another Man; accuses campaign against him