Glands of BARTOLINO or BARTOLINITIS What is it? How to prevent and treat it? – Sex experimenting

After you have asked me several times about the bartolin glands and the bartholinitis I think it is important to create content on this subject so much about anatomy and female sexual education.

Lets start by the beginning What is the Bartolino? What are the Bartholin’s glands for?

The glands of bartolino are two tiny glands that are in the most posterior part of the vulva, very close to the vaginal entrance. Its function is to lubricate the vulva, the vaginal entrance and the vaginal lips mainly during its sexual function.

Here are a couple of images taken from other websites so that you can get to know them better. In the first, I show you the location of the Bartholin’s glands and, in the second, what an inflamed Bartholin’s gland would look like (bartolinitis)

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Y…Why are the Bartholin’s glands inflamed? What is bartolinitis?

Many women do not know of the existence of the bartolin glands until they are not inflamed, which is called bartolinitis. This inflammation of the bartolino glands occurs for several reasons: because they “get stuck” or “plugged” with the excess of accumulated fluid, due to an injury in the area or due to a bacterial infection.

What to do to prevent the bartolino from inflaming?

It is usually difficult to prevent because, by the time we find out, it has already happened. However, there are a few tricks that help reduce the chances of it happening, and they all have to do with good hygiene.

About how proper feminine intimate hygiene should be, I had already told you in a previous publication that you can review by clicking here. However, the best trick is ahead of you: when you go to clean up after urinating or defecating, you should always do it from front to back and never the other way around. In this way we avoid displacing bacteria that usually cause us infections.

By last, Are there home remedies to reduce inflammation of the Bartholin’s glands?

Without a doubt, the best alternative is to go to the doctor to reduce the time of inflammation, which is usually approximately 1 week. In addition to this, avoiding impacts and sexual intercourse is important (even up to 15 or 20 days later).

Warm baths also soothe and help reduce inflammation by letting the gland drain.

As you can see, I hope it never happens to you, but if it does, I hope that my video of the week will help you understand it a little better and take better care of your sexual health. You can see the full video here and of course I encourage you to share it with your friends!

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Glands of BARTOLINO or BARTOLINITIS What is it? How to prevent and treat it? – Sex experimenting

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