Foreign tourist denounces sexual abuse in Cancun hotel

A tourist identified as Regina, originally from the United States, revealed through Instagram what was sexually abused by a hotel employee Ocean Coral & Turquoiselocated in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

The young tourist reported that on Friday around 01:00 a.m. she was waiting for her boyfriend who had gone to her room to pick up your bag. Suddenly, a hotel guard asked her if she needed help to get to her room because she saw her taken, and she said yes.

On the way to the room, he counted, the man took her hand tightly, put it on his penis and began to rubr.

“I went into complete shock and couldn’t call for help and scream. I brought the room keys and said what room number it was, he took them from me, grabbed my cell phone and put it on airplane mode. When my boyfriend saw that I was not where I was waiting for him, he started calling me and trying to communicate with me, while this man took me up to the top floor of the building and kept touching me and rubbing himself with my body.

— regina

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The tourist specified that after a few minutes, her boyfriend was able to hear her voice and managed to rescue her.

“The hotel is taking action on the matter. My intention with this publication is not to be one more case that goes unpunished out of the thousands and thousands that happen daily. The pressure helps to ensure that justice is done and that the case does not go unpunished like thousands and thousands that happen daily.

— regina

Finally, she specified that she is sure that she has not been the first victim of abuse, but she does want to be the last, for which she has already filed her complaint with the Public Ministry, although He regretted that the hotel had not given him the name of his alleged attacker.

It is not an isolated case

In March, another tourist also reported sexual abuse in another hotel in Cancun.

Aliyaah shared on TikTok a video of the moment She suffered harassment and aggression from the Royalton Hotel worker, who offered her to have sex in her own room.

The tourist, recorded that moment in which the man snatches her cell phone, he throws it to the ground and finally runs away.

“Do not stay at the Royalton, in Cancun, I was sexually assaulted by a worker, I tried to close the door of the room when he touched my intimate area, kicked my phone and ran.”

— Aliyah

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Foreign tourist denounces sexual abuse in Cancun hotel