Five tips to improve sex in the car

It’s official, the cold is here to stay. Goodbye to those carefree outdoor powders that could arise by chance during the months of good weather.

We are in the station to run home and have intimacy indoors with the heating up high and maybe some garment still on.


But also to go back to one of the basic places to take refuge: Car.

That feeling of proximity that it gives to have privacy in a small space As are the seats, it is unthinkable in the summer heat.

But most grateful in winter.

So put fogging up the car windows in true Jack and Rose style in Titanic, I want to give you some tips so that you can get the maximum advantage of the experience.

  1. You choose the lack of privacy: That yours is not that they see you? You can look for a corner away from everything – if you see stars, the better – where you can enjoy. If you like the idea of ​​exhibitionism, the riding stables in your city or that outdoor parking lot in a shopping center are the perfect alternative. Thinking about getting caught can be an incentive that makes the experience more exciting.
  2. Don’t go for creativity, bet on functionality. Unless you have a limousine, the space in the car is usually quite small. It is not the place to experiment with new postures, but to go to practice. Very close postures are the positions that can be enjoyed in a small space. And intercourse is not mandatory, having oral sex or masturbating are two perfect practices to do without moving from the seat.
  3. Play with accessories of the car: music can warm the room in the same way as heating. If you turn it off or turn on the air conditioning (if it’s very cold, rolling down the windows has the same effect) the game of contrasts is a plus.
  4. Clothing is key. The easier to remove, raise or lower, the better. Although it is true that nobody gets dressed in the morning thinking about whether they are going to have sex in the seat of a car. Just staying away from the overalls – the most difficult garment to remove if you want to get laid spontaneously – is enough, for now.
  5. Security before everything. Before getting into trouble, check that the car is properly stopped in a place where it does not disturb or hinder circulation. Also that the doors are closed and the windows rolled up. In addition to maintaining a comfortable temperature, you make sure that your belongings are not in danger (yes, there are people who have had their wallet or mobile phone stolen in those moments of passion).

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Five tips to improve sex in the car

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