Find out all about the new LUSH 3 from Lovense – Aphrodite’s Smile


Just as it can be done in the downloadable playlists, you can import a song and vibrate… to the rhythm of our favorite music! Don’t you think the best?!?!?! It’s great to vibrate and enjoy the rhythm of your song with Lovense’s Lush3 !!!!


With this option you can also make the Lush3 vibrate with the ambient sound and… With your voice !! You can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone, the louder, the more sensitive the toy, and for example at this very moment, my Lush3 is reacting with the sound of the keys on my keyboard! Hahaha! Can you imagine wearing it to a music festival or a disco?!?!

To use the remote control, we only need one thing: to have Bluetooth connected !! It is quite intuitive and playful. I really like the fact of being able to find vibration patterns shared by other users, it is fun and can save time when we are not inspired.


No more horrible awakenings with unpleasant sounds.

I always say it in our tuppersex meetings, if we all woke up with a morning orgasm, the world would be much better off!

For example, you can sleep with the product on and set the alarm at the time that suits you best. The vibration pattern you have established will wake you up filling you with pleasure. What’s cool?!?

Long distances, via Wifi

To invite your lover (or a stranger) and make us vibrate from a distance, it is also very simple:

  • Go back to the instructions to start the App.
  • Click on the hearts “Long distance”.
  • Your partner also has to open an account and register on the App.
  • Invite your partner by entering his email.
  • Receive your notification and accept it.

Synchronizing the two devices is very simple. It works in a very similar way to WhatsApp. You enter a private chat, where you have the possibility to write, send photos, etc … So that your partner can take control, he must click on “Live control”, you accept and then he has control! And here we go !!!

For it to work well, obviously you need Wifi and that Bluetooth is activated also because otherwise the info does not pass from your mobile to the toy.

The options he offers are similar to those we have already mentioned, but there is another fantastic one and that is that with the option of sound, when you and your partner are separated, he can whisper to you those things that you only say to each other in privacy … inside you are vibrating with pleasure can you imagine?!?!?

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Find out all about the new LUSH 3 from Lovense – Aphrodite’s Smile

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