FIFA investigates complaints of sexual harassment and abuse: Óscar Julián Ruiz and Ímer Machado, involved

Again the cases of sexual abuse and harassment involving former referees Oscar Julian Ruiz and Imer Machado came to light, after the ethics committee of the FIFA will ensure that it is investigating the situation after receiving the request from the lawyers of the also former referee Harold Knob.

On August 28, 2020, the Attorney General’s Office made the decision to file the investigation due to the “lack of convincing evidence” of the complaint filed by Perilla for the events that would have happened from 2009 to 2016.

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However, the British media ‘The Guardian’ published this Monday, May 9, that Perilla’s lawyers sent a detailed request to FIFA on March 7 to investigate the case.

“He alleges that Ruiz sexually abused and harassed several more referees and some say that too forced others to have sex with him to get a promotion.”

‘The Guardian’ explains that they consulted FIFA about the situation and a FIFA Ethics spokesperson confirmed that due investigation is being donetaking into account that Ruiz and Machado are arbitration instructors and the chief referee of the Colombian Football Federation, respectively.

“We have taken note of the information provided in your inquiry and can confirm that the independent FIFA Ethics Committee is investigating the matter. Please understand that no further comment can be made at this stage.”

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The request details that Ruiz’s victims would have been Harold Perilla, Carlos Chavez and Julian Mejiasince the former FIFA referee “sexually harassed repeatedly during their careers.

Perilla explained to the British media that Imer Machado tried harass him, so he filed the complaint. She also assured that he was not the only “victim”.

“We also have Machado, the director of the referees commission and a former international referee. He also tried me, I filed a complaint and I’m not the only one. Ruiz touched my penis during a preseason. He asked me to have sex with him. This is how you could be promoted. Machado also touched my penis and even the testicles in front of other people. That is why I filed the complaint because it is the same method. In Colombia, unfortunately, most people have to give sex to be an international referee”.

At the time, Óscar Julián Ruiz denied the complaints and he also stated that during his 16 years of practice as an international referee he was never investigated.

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FIFA investigates complaints of sexual harassment and abuse: Óscar Julián Ruiz and Ímer Machado, involved