Feminist collective protests against the incoming Government of Costa Rica

This content was published on May 08, 2022 – 19:41

San José, May 8 (EFE).- A group of women protested this Sunday against the incoming government of the president, Rodrigo Chaves, to ask for respect for their rights and say no to harassment.

With banners that read “They will not be able to silence us anymore”, “The State is oppressive”, “It is not a compliment, it is harassment”, “We demand our right to a healthy environment” and “We love each other alive, free and without fear”, the demonstrators approached outside the Costa Rican Congress, where Chaves’ investiture ceremony was held.

“The police made a display because they saw that the group was mobilized, but it is a peaceful march. More than a claim, the protest seeks to say present and ask that progress be made with transparency and that women’s rights be respected,” said the deputy of the leftist Broad Front, Sofía Guillén, who accompanied the group.

The feminist group highlighted in a manifesto that demands a guarantee of the right to a life free of violence for women and the strengthening of institutions.

“We demand a guarantee of the full exercise of sexual and reproductive rights, for equality and care of life for the care of our bodies and for the recognition of our sexual and reproductive autonomy,” the manifesto cites.

Chaves has been in the midst of controversy after the local press and the United States media reported on complaints of sexual harassment that were filed against him by World Bank officials when he worked as an economist for that entity.

For these complaints, Chaves received internal sanctions in 2019.

The candidate has insisted that the reported events never occurred and that it was all a “cultural misunderstanding” on the part of his colleagues.

After receiving the presidential sash, Chaves indicated that his speech that women are “part of that incessant beating of the Homeland” and will work to stop the discrimination they suffer.

“We will not tolerate the harassment they suffer every day and in all spaces of society. It is not possible for women to be afraid of walking alone on the streets, it is not possible for women to feel fear in their own home, work, in a park or at a concert. That is why my first political commitment will be to stop discrimination and harassment against all women,” Chaves said.

The president also announced a directive for the Vice President of the Republic, Mary Munive, to create a commission so that before July 16 actions are issued to “liberate women from sexual harassment,” Chaves said. EFE



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Feminist collective protests against the incoming Government of Costa Rica