Female ejaculation: we’re talking about it!

Ejaculation, “squirting”, “squirting woman”… so many different terms, which nevertheless all refer to the same thing: the liquid expelled by women at the time of orgasm.

Contrary to popular belief, ejaculation is not the preserve of men. The phenomenon is also quite common, since according to a study, nearly 70% of women say they have already expelled a liquid during orgasm. We also speak of “fountain women”, or “squirting” in English.

Physiologically, there are two types of female ejaculate: that produced by the glandes de Skene, also called the para-urethral glands, and that of the “Fountain women”.

secretions from the “female prostate”

The glandes de Skene, located between the vagina and the urethra, secrete a translucent liquid at the time of orgasm. Different from urine, vaginal secretions and love juice, this ejaculate is still shrouded in mystery. However, it contains PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), a molecule produced by the prostate that is also found in semen.

Not all women have Skene glands, so this form of female ejaculation is not possible for all.

bladder secretions

The liquid of “fountain women”, of a larger volume, is produced by the bladder, and expelled during reflex contractions. It contains the same components as urine, a mixture of uric acid, creatinine and urea, but is odorless and translucent.

Unlike ejaculation by the Skene glands, any woman can be a “fountain woman” since nothing characterizes her anatomically.

when (and how much) do you ejaculate?

Female ejaculation occurs through clitoral stimulation, usually at or near orgasm. Not always systematic, ejaculation can also go unnoticed.

The liquid can squirt out or trickle down, hence the name “gushing fountains” or “dripping water.” In terms of volume, a woman can expel between a teaspoon and 300 ml maximum, which is nothing else. than the capacity of a bladder.When the fluid comes from the Skene glands, the volume is often only a few drops.

Ejaculation can be exceptional in a woman’s sex life, episodic or regular, that is, take place with each report or masturbation.

why is female ejaculation so little known?

The ejaculation of women has not always been taboo. Nor has she always been reduced to a male fantasy or just a category of porn. “In cultures which saw the female body as similar to the male and where great importance was placed on female sex and pleasure, women too ejaculated” notes Stephanie Haerdle, author of Fountains – History of female ejaculation from ancient China to the present day. Well and truly existing in the cultures of ancient China and India, female ejaculation has gradually ceased to be represented, the fault, among other things, of a patriarchal society.

“From the 18th century, the female body is no longer even considered as an altered version of the male body but as a body relegated as“ other ”. This otherness will be a pretext for a new hierarchy. While the genitals of men are external, those of women are internal: a clear sign of an incomplete, defective and dependent nature. (Do not look for the logical link, it does not exist.) And now the pleasures of women and their manifestations disappear from speeches and practices, with the support of a religion which loathes sexuality ” details the journalist Sophie Benard in the lines of Slate.

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Female ejaculation: we’re talking about it!

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