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Knowing the reality of female ejaculation is one of the topics most demanded by young people in sex education. It is important to clarify that the female ejaculation It is possible and it can be achieved. However, there are myths and a lot of information that can make many people continue to consider that it is a practice that is not very visible and full of taboos. I will talk about the differences that exist.

Everything we see in the pornographic scenes of female ejaculation is not real. Porn actresses are acting. It is incredible how we continue to emphasize in this society the visibility of porn without a basis of sexual education behind quality.

Real sex is much more pleasurable and for this we insist a lot on a sexual educational base where you know how to discern what you want / need, regardless of your fantasy.

Watching porn is not harmful. What causes discomfort is thinking that porn is the real thing about sex. They are simple performances that have nothing to do with real sex between people. To achieve what porn actresses practice, it is what we call Squirt. And I will explain it at the end of the post.

Sex implies desire and pleasure, and to achieve a female ejaculation, several physical and emotional characteristics are needed, which I will explain below.

Also say that research continues on this topic and as professionals we must be up to date with any updates.

What we know so far and what the experts say:

  • Female ejaculation is involuntary. That is, it cannot be provoked no matter how much you want to achieve it. (According to your report published by Francisco Cabello, Medical sexologist and psychologist).
  • The female ejaculate comes from glands called parauretrales (there are those of skene and the female prostate). If we look at our vulva and visualize ourselves in a mirror, we can see the entrance of the vagina, the urethra and the clitoral hood at the top. Well, under the urethra we could see some holes that are what help the liquid to be expelled. Inside the urethra there are other glands, called periurethral glands that do not have these external openings and cannot be seen and flow into the urethra. Therefore, when there is ejaculation, the liquid comes out of these glands reaching the urethra and then coming out through the external orifices, which are very, very small. It is therefore to deny that the ejaculate leaves the vagina. All the fluid comes from the urethra.

What is this liquid made of?

It is basically composed of liquid phosphatase (PSA) y Prostatic antigen. Thus disproving another belief: Ejaculation is not urine.

What difference exists with the practice of Squirt?

The Squirt is a practice that consists of expelling liquid just like ejaculation, however, it is provoked. We can achieve it with training and technique.

It does not have the same chemical composition as ejaculate. It contains very fluid urine, so it can be very transparent; and a small amount of PSA (Acid Phosphatase).

Porn actresses often use this practice a lot, and they sometimes report that it is a female ejaculation. It is not Ejaculation, they are practicing a Squirt and it is provoked.

When we women manage to completely disinhibit ourselves when we are going to reach orgasm, we are capable of throwing out a lot of liquid and we are aware of it. It is a mixture of fluids, very liquid urine and a lot of lubrication. We do not know that we have ejaculated until we see that we stain sheets or towels with a whitish liquid (PSA) that we have previously mentioned. But when we throw that huge amount of liquid, we are aware at all times of what we are doing. It is a hyper-pleasant “letting go”.

Thus, we can dismantle several myths about the ejaculation and the Squirt:

  • They are two different phenomena. Ejaculation is involuntary and we can provoke the Squirt.
  • They are not expelled through the vagina. As I mentioned before, the liquid is expelled through the urethra.
  • Orgasms with or without ejaculation. What is better?: The few studies that exist do not specify that it is better with or without ejaculation. The way we enjoy our sexuality is totally subjective, therefore, if we manage to ejaculate or not, the most important thing is to know if we have enjoyed it.

Techniques to provoke the Squirt:

  1. Be relaxed and carefree
  2. be excited.
  3. Identify the rough wall that we have in the anterior part of our vagina with our fingers. The best position is the one that is most comfortable for you, but being on your knees is easier to reach with your fingers, lying down and using an erotic toy, dildo, vibrator, etc… or with your partner, lying on your back and having your partner do the technique.
  4. The movements are back and forth (as if you were making the come here gesture with your fingers) and rotation. You decide the rhythm. You can also, if you want, stimulate the clitoris with your other hand. And if you’re in a relationship, you can do countless practices to help you get excited in the meantime.
  5. You can also do pelvic movements such as Kegel exercises (voluntary contractions of the pelvic muscles to help stimulation)
  6. Movement of your own hips. If you have the urge to move, it means you’re doing it right.
  7. Also, if we notice the feeling of wanting to pee, don’t worry, it’s totally normal, since we stimulate too many internal parts that give us a lot of pleasure and therefore, it is a consequence that you are doing it right.

In conclusion, recommend that in sexuality the important thing is not to reach the goal, but the enjoyment of the entire sexual practice. Nothing happens if ejaculation or squirt is not achieved. The important thing is to enjoy.

It is also important to emphasize that to learn all the techniques, it is to learn to be comfortable with ourselves and to know each other very well. The basis of any sexual practice is the self-knowledge and one good self esteem to be in harmony with ourselves.

We wish to say thanks to the author of this write-up for this outstanding material

Female ejaculation and its reality – Nayara Mira | Sexologist in Valencia

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