FEM investigates complaint of sexual assault by CFE employees in Samalayuca

The Women’s Prosecutor’s Office (FEM) carries out the work of collecting information and testimonials to strengthen the investigation folder to advance in the investigation of the rape complaint in the facilities of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

The affected filed a complaint with the FEM for sexual abuse against CFE workers in an old thermoelectric plant in Samalayuca that was used for parties with alcohol, drugs and abuse.

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Said complaint appears in an investigation folder in the hands of the Specialized Prosecutor for Attention to Women Victims of Crime for Reasons of Gender and the Family.

According to information from the State Attorney General’s Office, so far there are no people detained for these events that the affected party denounces, however, the competent authorities continue with the work of gathering information and testimonials as part of the investigations that lead to cape.

This fact has caused a stir in the face of the most recent events that have occurred on our border, such as the femicide of a minor, and the possibility that there may be more victims.

It is expected that the alleged perpetrators will be arrested in the next few hours.

Residents of the town of Samalayuca held a march last Friday where they demand justice for Cinthia, a woman who filed a complaint for having been sexually violated and those identified as responsible are three workers from the Federal Electricity Commission.

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Cinthia’s family led the demonstration, in which they walked through some streets of that town to end up at the CFE facilities.

The complaint was for rape after a party and those identified as responsible are three employees of the Commission.

According to the relatives who participated in this march, those identified are being protected since they have not been arrested.

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FEM investigates complaint of sexual assault by CFE employees in Samalayuca