I hear women talk about sexuality and there are not a few who have faked an orgasm. Young and not so young, with a stable partner and with a sporadic partner, continuously and occasionally.

And I wonder why we have to fake orgasms? what is the finality?

In consultation, some women comment that it is so “that it ends” “because it gets heavy” “so that she doesn’t get frustrated”…, generally women who have relationships with men speak to me.

For the intercourse to end? Why is it not being pleasant? So I wonder what is the point of getting into bed with someone if it is not to make the encounter pleasant?

I also wonder how many of those women who “fake” orgasms actually do so because they’ve never experienced one.

Some women say “they are not sure if what they feel is an orgasm.” Others compare themselves to the images in the movies and by “not screaming like crazy or arching their back until they almost split in half”, they doubt if what they experience is an orgasm or not.

When a woman experiences an orgasm, she usually knows about it and if she has doubts, in most cases, it is because they have never experienced it before.

But everything is learned! There are no anorgasmic women, there are pre-orgasmic women who have to learn what their body is like and how it works.

To do this, we must start by knowing and recognizing our body, knowing how the physiology of pleasure works, knowing how to satisfy ourselves, allowing ourselves to feel pleasure, accepting ourselves as we are, knowing how to express our feelings, emotions and desires in a way that makes us happy. .

And like all learning, you have to give yourself permission, time and space to learn to have orgasms.

More information at https://sexducacion.com/dificultades-se…/ausencia-de-orgasmo/

I enclose the debate provoked in social networks about this topic.

In my life of friendships I have found many friends unable to stimulate themselves if they were incomplete or defective for completing the act in such a way. MGA

Unfortunately, science has contributed to this by hiding the clitoris until very recently and attributing to the vagina a sensitivity that it does not have. LGR

I thought, or would like to think, that at least among the women of my generation (I’m 33) and those younger than us, this no longer happened. Yes, I think that, perhaps, in previous generations – mothers, grandmothers – this may have happened, which makes me very sad. I think we should be alarmed! Our society is sick: on the one hand, life is hypersexualized -sexual messages and object women everywhere-. On the other, it is full of taboos, fears, censorship, forbidden words, marginalized sexual orientations, dissatisfied people. At the same time, in addition, gender inequalities and iron heteronormativity are maintained. We have many things to change, starting with the issue that women must be able to have access to their pleasure, without pressure and in a natural way. Know where they have the clitoris, eg. Oh, and not obsessing about the issue of orgasms either, because I know that there are many women who are very worried about the number of orgasms they have, that is, if they are not multi-orgasmic they feel frustrated….. But…. well… that’s another topic… for another post! SL

It is somewhat alarming. I keep running into young girls who know more about how to please a guy than how to please themselves; masturbation for many of them is “a second-class practice.” We don’t have sex just to have orgasms, but all women need to know how to achieve it. And on the subject of multi-orgasms, ugh! another “should” of sexuality that, as you say, is for another post. LGR

I am a boy and I have sex with boys but I like to soak up all of this because I relate to women whom I love very much and what I see is a MACHISM THAT FREAKS IT on this topic…. no??GD

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