Excited … I don’t hold back (Erotic story)

That night on the beach a little late, everyone in the house was asleep, I was waiting for him to come home from work, I wanted him so much since he had gone out to work, on several occasions he wanted to go to work and do a little mischief, but I did not want to distract him so much, he listened to music and saw the sky, the best view, and I needed him, the hours passed, and finally he arrived, he took off his clothes and was only in his underwear, he approached to bed, I pretended to be asleep, he got under the sheets, I immediately felt his erection, I loved it, I couldn’t help pressing my buttocks next to his member, I didn’t hold back, he placed his hand on my vulva, that’s where it all started.

I only had on a bra and a lace thong, which I know you like so much; While he was behind me his hand went to my clitoris, to hell with everything, I needed him inside me, I turned to kiss him, to take off what was left of his clothes, this time not so abruptly, seeing all his erect cock provoked me eat it, and that’s what I did, I spit it, played with cock and my tongue for a while, then I put it in my mouth and started sucking all of his cock, I liked making him enjoy, I put all his cock down my throat, over and over again, I was moving my mouth away little by little while I sucked him, and he went back to deepen, I was faster, he sucked him again and again, his cock went in and out of my mouth, his breathing was more and more agitated, with his hands I press my head putting all his cock to my throat and he came, I was moving my mouth slowly while sucking all his semen….

Now I wanted his cock in me, I got ready, moved my thong aside and placed myself on top of his cock, what a rich sensation, I began to move, little by little, I felt like all his cock was inside me, I spanked myself, it I kissed and I continued to feel his hard cock inside me, I gave myself to him, it was his, I enjoyed being, every time I moved faster, he covered my mouth so that he would not wake anyone, I was very excited, I came, he He took off the bra and now he took control, we changed, he was on top of me, now it was his turn to fuck me, he took off my thong, he liked to make me suffer, he would put his cock in an onslaught, and he took it out slowly, over and over again , I couldn’t anymore I told him to fuck me now, he was driving me crazy, I can’t stop putting his cock in and out, while with one hand he grabbed me by the neck and with the other he played with my tits, he excited me more and more, each time that his penis went in and out of me made me very hot, it gave me so good, we came together, ecstasy under the sheets.

As I could, I got out under him and got into four, I know how he likes to fuck me in the ass, I love it, seeing me like this he immediately settled down to put his penis into me, little by little, and then increase in speed, put and He took his penis out of my ass, he spanked me, I loved how he made me his, my ass colliding with his pelvis, just writing it turns me on, he fucked me so good, I take one of his hands to my vagina and insert 3 fingers, of course I went crazy, I felt electricity run through my body while I masturbated and he fucked me by the ass, another great sensation, he accelerated the pace, it was already faster, he put his cock all hard, he took his fingers inside me and placed his hand on my tits, I pinched them, pulled, squeezed, while he rammed me harder and harder, I did not stop biting the pillow I wanted to scream, from all that pleasure that ran through my body, I was about to come, he too, gave me a few last thrusts , and he came inside me, he filled my ass with semen, I took out his penis, I pass it from my ass to my vagina, mixing our liquids, already exhausted, we decided to leave for the next day …

Excited I dont hold back Erotic story

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Excited … I don’t hold back (Erotic story)

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