Ex-Garibaldi sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexual abuse against his daughter

Ricardo Crespo, a former member of the Garibaldi group, was found guilty of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse against his daughter, for which he is sentenced to 19 years in prison, according to a statement from the RPRC Lawyers office.

It reads that Crespo “would have committed the crime of aggravated sexual abuse continuously to the detriment of his daughter, the minor with a reserved identity with the initials VCR, who suffered these behaviors from 5 to 14 years of age.”

Crespo was arrested in September 2021 and placed in preventive detention seven months after the legal process began.

Crespo was part of the Garibaldi group, as well as the show “knights in concert”, along with Agustín Arana, Chao, Lisardo and Manuel Landeta.

According to a statement from the capital prosecutor’s office, the actor possibly induced his underage daughter to perform sexual acts and witness pornographic content for several years.

Who is Ricardo Crespo?

After more than a year in preventive detention, Ricardo Crespo was sentenced for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse against his daughter.

The actor was denounced at the end of 2020 by his daughter Valentina Crespo, supported by her mother María Angelica, and through her social networks the young woman echoed her complaint as a preventive measure for other women. “I experienced sexual abuse from my father since I was five years old, this was from five to 14 years old,” said Valentina.

Today a judge sentenced the actor to 19 years in prison for having found him guilty of the crime against a minor.

During his artistic career, Crespo has participated in at least 18 television projects, including “Get on my motorcycle” and “A little bit of yours.” His last project was streaming, with Netflix, playing Gerry’s dad in the teen series “Control Z.”

He began working for Televisa in 2003 in the telenovela “A few fleas”, starring Natasha Dupeyrón. He played Guillermo, later he had some roles in television series such as “La rosa de Guadalupe” and “Esta historia me resonates”.

A month before being apprehended, the interpreter shared an image of him on the beach that he described with the phrase “I am a calm man, the restless one is my mind.”

musical facet

In the first decade of the 2000s Ricardo belonged to the musical group “Garibaldi” to which he joined along with other singers such as Paola Toyos and Agustín Arana, with the latter he met again in the band “Caballeros cantan”, to which Manuel also belongs. Landeta, Chao and Lisardo.

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Ex-Garibaldi sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexual abuse against his daughter