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For a man, having an erection problem is very difficult to live with, yet there are simple solutions that I teach daily in my sexologist’s office.

Erectile disorders are characterized by an inability to maintain an erection or even to start one.

A erection failure repeated then becomes a sexual and intimate problem which can be deleterious for the man concerned.

Indeed, he can feel shame, guilt and this can negatively influence his relationship.

The problem is that the lasting dissatisfaction that sets in will cause a vicious circle. Indeed, the anxiety of not having an erection will automatically prevent or cut off the erection. Men with erectile dysfunction can even slide into depression.

In this article I will introduce you to the medical solutions, let’s say “classic”. You will find that most of the time they are unnecessary and present many disadvantages.

Then I will give you the techniques that I use in my activity as a sex therapist to allow you to control your erection with some simple exercises to do at home.

Erection problem: medical solutions

The pills: Viagra or Cialis

The discovery of Viagra in 1996 was a real bomb for the sexuality of men and therefore also that of women. 😉

We were going to be able to hard on command effortlessly with a magic blue pill.

What could be more natural then than to turn to this solution when you have an erection problem?

Except that not everything is as simple as well-crafted communication laboratories that market Viagra, Levitra or Cialis.

First, there are some problems with the Side effects : headache, nausea, profuse sweating .. Then, efficiency often remains quite relative. Indeed, I very often have patients who tell me that they are disappointed with the result of taking the erection pill.

Without counting lack of spontaneity which is still a powerful inhibitor of sexual arousal. Indeed, you must be able to predict your sexual relationship to take the pill accordingly.

But the main concern remains the cost of the drug.

And let me tell you, it is really outrageous.

10 € on average for a single pill.

If you want to have a minimum of fun with Madame I let you calculate the budget necessary for a fulfilling sexuality.

Intra-cavernous injections

Another much more effective solution this time are intracavernous injections.

A prick directly into the penis and erection is guaranteed in a matter of minutes almost every time.

So you understand the problem here: we insert a real medical gesture in sexuality. It’s problematic to build up the sexual tension in the bedroom.

On the other hand, given the risk of priapism (the fact of remaining blocked in erection), this drug is reserved for a population with a big problem of erection due most often to a pathology more general. Like diabetes, for example.

These sometimes unavoidable medical treatments

However, sometimes these medical treatments must be prescribed. In case you have a medical problem that interferes with your erection.

But most of the time, erection problems are of origin psychological !

This is where the sexological methodss are completely indicated!

No side effects, methods that boost excitement and the sexual universe, once learned it is for life … No need to go to the cash for each intercourse. Simple exercises that you can do at home and that give quick results if you take the trouble to train a minimum.

So if you don’t have a medical problem that is interfering with your erection, you don’t need to go for expensive and ineffective treatments. The exercises that I am going to give you are also the ones that I use daily in my office.

And I can tell you that I haveexcellent results with this method.

As a bonus I advise you to download my free guide “Control your erection” because the first part is precisely made so that you can determine if you have an erectile dysfunction due to a medical problem or not.

Erection problem: the solutions of sex therapists

Work on your sexual technique

As you have surely noticed, an erection is not a phenomenon that one controls on a voluntary basis. Like moving your arm or talking, for example.

So it’s a reaction involuntary from the body.

We cannot say to ourselves “if I increase my erection” without doing anything because otherwise nothing will happen. Stimulation conditions are needed which will indirectly provoke a rush of blood in the penis.

These stimuli can be psychic : seeing a naked woman or hearing her say that she wants you for example.

But these stimuli can also be physical : caresses on the penis or another erogenous zone, or even sensations of the penis in the vagina which will further increase the erection.

What happens is that it is so the involuntary nervous system which will cause the erection because it will have been stimulated by psychic or physical sensations.

Well do you imagine that there is a technique to know to properly stimulate this involuntary nervous system. And therefore to have a good lasting erection.

This technique therefore concerns physical stimulation: caresses and movements of the pelvis.

Like all techniques, this one requires a little training and can be easily mastered.

It is based on a good knowledge and use of rhythms, from muscle tension, from amplitudes movements and respiration.

All these components properly applied will stimulate the involuntary nervous system which itself causes the erection.

About this I give you free the description of all these components as well as the exercises to be done to work on them. To do this, simply download the free erection guide by clicking here.

Build yourself a veritable library of fantasies

I spoke in the previous paragraphs of psychic stimulation: for example the fact of watching a woman undress.

They are psychic stimuli by external elements, by the senses. Sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing.

Well there is another very powerful psychic stimulation: your imagination. Your fantasies.

Fantasies are your erotic imagination, whatever turns you on. Not necessarily something exotic that you will never do. I advise you to read this article on fantasies to have a precise description.

As with the sexual technique, you can learn all these exciting thoughts that will boost your erection.

I therefore recommend develop your erotic imagination to create a veritable library of fantasies for you.

When you do this it is essential to imagine enter your partner. Because the eroticization of the penetration will stimulate the erection.

Because yes, the erection is used to penetrate.

Erection problem, the ultimate solution: Develop your masculinity

What is characteristic of man?

It is his penis.

Nothing differentiates him from women apart from this evidence of nature.

The whole stake of sexual arousal will therefore necessarily be its eroticization. The fact of wanting to use your penis in its primary function: penetration.

Being masculine is that: be penetrating.

During the sexual act in a concrete way obviously but also symbolically. By his behavior. His actions.

And the most important behavioral trait, the one that signs symbolic penetrance, is proactivity.

Proactivity is the ability to do things without being asked.

It is therefore taking the initiative.

The ability to make propositions.

Being proactive is the ultimate weapon against performance anxiety I was talking about at the beginning of the article. An erection problem and the solutions that stem from it go through breaking this vicious circle.

During sex, proactivity is therefore the ability to offer your partner sexual positions, sexual activities, your fantasies, your scenarios, etc.

You must not undergo the sexual act but live it by being a real actor in what is happening.

So you will no longer have the leisure to think about this anxiety of not having an erection. So this goes break the vicious circle of “I didn’t have an erection last time so I’m afraid I won’t have one now”.

For a good erection, take action!

As you can see, when faced with an erection problem, there are solutions in sexology. They are simple and free. Once well controlled, they will be extremely effective in controlling your erection.

They require a little practice but done regularly the results should be visible in less than a month.

So I advise you now to you plan masturbation beaches and start to work out an erotic imagination that will make your sex partner never get bored!

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