Entre Ríos: accused of sexual abuse and house arrest, a mayor requested paid leave

The mayor of the Entre Ríos town of Gilbert, Ángel Constantino, asked for three months paid leave after being in charge of the municipality while serving house arrest during the last week.

Constantino (57) has been under house arrest since Saturday, May 7, when violated approach restriction with one of the three women who denounced him for sexual abuse.

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The provincial government had appealed to the Legislature to deal with a bill to intervene for 180 days the municipality Gilbert, the town located 70 kilometers from Gualeguaychú. The project was going to be discussed this Saturday, but Constantino asked for the license.

“I inform you of my request for license with pay to process issues of a personal nature, as of Monday, May 16 and for a period of 90 days,” says the note signed by Constantino and addressed to Alberto Meneses, head of the Deliberative Council of his district.

In his license request, Constantino makes no mention of the complaints or the house arrest he has been serving for a week. Days ago, the Gilbert Deliberative Council had approved -four votes against three- a initiative in which the civil servant was invited to request leave from his position while his judicial situation was being resolved.

The provincial Senate had been summoned to meet this Friday, while the Chamber of Deputies was going to do so this Saturday at 10. If the law is approved by both chambers, the provincial government would have the power to appoint a controller to assume the administration for a period of six months.

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Now, the delayed license request by the mayor left in suspense intervention treatment. If found guilty, he could face a sentence of between 5 and 15 years in prison.

Complaints of sexual abuse to the mayor

In a note with TN, Veronica Portillo, mother of three children aged 11, 9 and 7, recounted her ordeal. It all started in 2015: “My then partner, nephew of the Mayor Angel Constantine, decided that his uncle would be the godfather of our youngest son. From that decision he approached me, hugged me and told me things.

In 2021 he denounced the current mayor for sexual abuse with carnal access. From 2015 onwards, situations of harassment and abuse became commonplace, especially at every birthday and family gathering. This was stated by Portillo in the second complaint he filed with Dr. Martina Cedreshead of the Fiscal Unit of Gualeguaychú.

Verónica Portillo, one of the women who denounced him for sexual abuse.
Verónica Portillo, one of the women who denounced him for sexual abuse.

“In that year I began to be harassed. Constantino hugged me in a horrible way. He squeezed me and touched my tail as he hugged me. It was gross. At that time I spoke to a sister-in-law of his and she told me that the same thing had happened to her.”

Gilbert’s communal chief also was reported on other occasionsas confirmed by prosecutor Martina Cedrés to Telam. Constantino is accused of indecent exposure to another woman -a legal case could not be initiated- and of beating a municipal officer, for which a process for minor injuries was initiated.

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At the time, the PJ of Gualeguaychú requested that the mayor take leave from his post to generate “greater conditions of equality before the justice system, which must determine, as quickly as possible, his responsibility for the aforementioned facts.”

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Entre Ríos: accused of sexual abuse and house arrest, a mayor requested paid leave