Elliot Page comes out as transgender

Well-known actor Elliot Page comes out as transgender this week via Instagram. Or trans, as you prefer to say it. And as they say colloquially … “and the Bethlehem was armed.”

Because some experts in LGTB issues criticized certain informational treatments by some media. For example, some headlines began with ‘actress Ellen Page …«. There was also a lot of confusion with Elliot’s claim, in which he said that their pronouns were “he / they”.

If you’ve already gotten lost, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Trans and queer realities are relatively new, and its codes are constantly reviewed and updated. Let’s say it’s something we’re all learning on the fly, and confusion is normal.

But do not worry, I will give you a summary so that everything is very clear.

For starters, Elliot Page’s open-hearted letter, in which he declares himself transgender.

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Elliot Page comes out as transgender

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