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The Pleasure of Menstruation II

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you will have already read the great news but I was looking forward to telling you personally: I present to you the second edition of “El Placer de Menstruar” 100% online.

EIt is designed so that you, a conscious adult, can live in cyclicality without conflict. The contents will be released every week on the self-learning platform for you to set the pace of study. After each module we will organize a menstrual circle to consolidate what has been learned, review it and clarify doubts.

  • MODULE 1
    Conscious menstruation
  • MODULE 2
    Harmony of the cycle
  • MODULE 3
  • MODEL 4
    Menstrual pleasures

In addition, in this second edition we wanted to go further, We will also see each other’s faces!

Every 3 weeks we will have 1 circle 3 hours. In this way we will consolidate what we have learned, we will review it, we will clarify doubts, we will put together experiences, experiences, etc. That is, we will reinforce what we have learned in the best possible way: together and in a safe circle.

Objectives of the workshop

– Learn to observe your cyclical body and psychology; physiological phases and their archetypes

– Discover that you are not alone in this lack of menstrual information, that what you feel is normal and learn to go through your difficult emotions together

– Understand the process of the menstrual cycle and put the information into practice through exercises and tools … for the rest of your fertile life.

– Observe the world through the red glasses of cyclicality and feel the force that unites us all women.

– Connect with your wild woman and place situations from your menstrual biography.

Y you will unlearn: many myths and taboos around the hormonal health of female bodies, because our beliefs are not always correct and the messages we receive from culture and society must be updated… therapeutic feminism version!

How is the course developed?

  • It is a workshop of self-study + women’s circles monthly.
  • You will set the pace learning: new teaching materials will be released every week in the self-learning platform for you to look at it.
  • After each module we will organize a menstrual circle to consolidate what has been learned, review it and clarify doubts. In addition to putting together our experiences. We will reinforce what we have learned in the best possible way: together and in a safe environment for share, heal, change and grow.
    • The dates of the circles will be: July 3, July 24, August 14, September 4 and 25, 2021 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Spanish mainland time).
  • We will analyze practical cases.
  • You will have at your disposal Recorded classes and supplementary dossiers of all modules.
  • We will organize a study group by Telegram for a continuous follow-up for inquiries between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. Madrid time (UTC + 2) so that you feel accompanied if you have questions when reading it.
  • Registration with RRP of € 229 starting any day until July 2 included.
  • After doing the final evaluation work, those enrolled will be given a diploma.

What are the benefits of doing this workshop with Me Duele La Regla?

  • Will you be able to do it online whenever and wherever you want (mobile, tablet, pc), at your own pace.
  • You can share your concerns, doubts, experiences … in the women’s circles what we do. The best way to learn is by sharing with everyone!
  • It has different reading levels with additional resources to expand if you need to dig deeper.
  • To return to see it as many times as you want, it does not expire, it is yours forever.
  • You will receive the updates that we do for life.
  • You can get bonus extra exclusively in the future for being an MDLR subscriber and having enrolled in the workshop.
  • Surround you with a online community who knows exactly why you are going through and with whom to share what they have learned.
  • For all kinds of cis women, situations: endometriosis, PCOS, hysterectomy, perimenopause, adolescents … and also for trans men

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is for you if …

The workshop NO is for you if …

  • Menstruus
  • You feel that you no longer want to suffer with your menstruation
  • You are ready to take charge of your menstrual well-being
  • You have the need to learn how your body works and your menstrual cycle
  • You want practical tools to record the cycle
  • You want to know what influence your cycle and your hormones have on your psychology
  • Trans and non-binary people who are menstruating are VERY welcome, as well as lesbian and bisexual women. If you are heterosexual, you are signed up!
  • Whether or not you bleed with menstruation (for example because you use anovulatory pills or because you are in (peri) menopause or for other reasons
  • You will find out, if you did not already know, why the pain when expelling the period is not normal

  • How Your Ovarian Hormones Work When They Work Right

  • Things you always wanted to know about gynecology and pelvic floor

  • When to go for a consultation

  • How to manage menstrual cycles in your favor

  • Bases of the symptothermal method of contraception / fertility

  • You are not willing to spend a week a month (between self-study and live circles) exploring your emotions
  • You are looking for a medical diagnosis
  • Are you looking for a menstrual educator certificate or want to become a menstrual therapist
  • You want to “buy one more course” that you will not do later
  • You don’t have time to dedicate yourself
  • You want a quick fix
  • You are satisfied with your situation
  • You are looking for a magic pill that will take away your menstrual pain
  • You have a diagnosed chronic disease such as endometriosis and PCOS and are satisfied with your current treatment
  • You are a cisgender man

CONTENTS (see more on the product sheet)

The phases of your menstrual cycle, potentialities and distinctive capacities throughout life (youth, adulthood, climacteric and old age)

And always a focus on sexual diversity and desire orientation. This is your workshop to live in menstrual harmony !!


Normally THE PLEASURE OF MENSTRUAR It is an intensive and experiential course of 5 hours in a row. This time it will be an online workshop of approximately 30h with content in your email. In addition, the novelty of this second edition will be the women’s circles.

The dates of the circles will be:

In this way, in addition to getting to know each other, we can consolidate what we have learned, review it, clarify doubts … as well as put experiences and experiences together. That is to say, We will reinforce what we have learned in the best possible way: together and in a safe circle to share, heal, change and grow.

VERY limited places (10) to guarantee attention to all during this trip for your menstrual cycle. I’ll wait for you!

The payment method is in 1 single payment or in installments financed by Hotmart (with small interests)

The Sexology and Training Rule hurts me in no way does it store bank or card details. The person in charge of the payment gateway and the incidents with it is Paypal; MDLR only receives the payment confirmation and the amount when PayPal executes it.

The amount is in Euros € When paying for the course, you will receive a confirmation email and an online copy of your purchase invoice in PayPal.

On JUNE 26 at 00:00 UTC + 2 you will get access to the first module of the course through the Hotmart platform.


The course is managed by My period hurts. You can contact us through our email info@meduelelaregla.com. We will answer all your questions and comments as soon as possible.

Conditions of disclaimer

  • The El Placer de Menstruar workshop is backed by research and academic training from sexology, the so-called “menstrual therapy” as a branch of integrative humanistic psychology, and coaching for personal change and development.
  • The trainer, Irene Aterido, has postgraduate training in health sciences but is not a health professional. It is not responsible for the effects of the application of the tips and tools exposed in this workshop. It is not responsible for the impact obtained since each student is unique and their individuality is complex and unrepeatable.
  • My goal from Me hurts the rule is to disseminate information and tools that help from coaching but, at no time, do I intend to substitute the opinion of a health expert with medical-scientific training and who in Spain must be registered /to.
  • I want to give you general information with an integrative perspective, never medical advice.
  • This workshop is not intended to be a cure for your condition because each person is different and each situation unique.
  • Never abandon a medical or pharmacological treatment without first consulting with the specialist, nurse or primary care doctor who is treating you.
  • Do not start any herbal medicine or herbal supplement treatment without advice from a dietitian-nutritionist, endocrinologist or gynecologist. Really don’t
  • Be responsible with your health and that of other people: your “remedies” cannot be extrapolated to another
  • You must find out what works for you and where you are in your life.
  • By purchasing the workshop you are accepting the conditions of the course and the disclaimer.

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El Placer de Menstruar II – @meduelelaregla Sexuality and menstrual cycle in Madrid

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