Does surgery want to butcher pussies?

Sayane, you may know her if you read Hard Sciencesa very nice blog where she deciphers, popularizes (with class) scientific research “turned towards the most intimate human depths” (the wording is self-explanatory)… You can imagine that such a skill could only interest me.

When, at the very end of last year, there was Orgasm Day and the breast prosthesis scandal, her proposal for an article on the development of lip cosmetic surgery struck me as highly topical. Happy reading (and if you like it as much as I do, she’ll be back).


Article written by SAYANE from Hard Sciences

Berlingot, pussy, foufoune, fouffe, teuch, zézette, kitty… there must be as many ways of naming the female genitalia, the clitoris and the vulva as there are women on Earth. So many words to designate a reality that differs greatly depending on the person. As your ears are unique like fingerprints, you will never find a cat comparable to another. Are you stuck in a corner?

And yet, the plastic diversity of the vulva of women, although having always been topical, today seems to pose a problem. After having attacked our thighs, our hips, our faces or our breasts, cosmetic surgery is now launching an assault on our mold: it is the boom of the Breast Augmentation. According to British Journal of Obstretrics and Gynaecologythe year 2008 has saw the number of labioplasties increase by 70% over the previous year in the UK (taking the counter to 1118, in the public health service only).

Let’s now move on to practical work: labioplasty consists of shortening the labia minora of patients so that their labia majora cover them completely, in a more aesthetic.

The question everyone asks is: “name of a hairy pussy, WHY would these women put themselves through so much pain?“The answer is simple: they don’t like their private parts. From the 20-year-old young woman who was made fun of by a boor, to the mother who was never allowed to speak about her intimacy, the reasons are multiple. The English journalist Lisa Rogers attempts in the following documentary to understand the motivations pushing certain women to irreparably modify their anatomy.

Please note, this 58-minute video is in English and contains scenes of cosmetic surgery that may offend the most sensitive.

Labioplasty is therefore a surgical operation that can cause permanent scars, infections, bleeding and irritation, but something more serious, it can permanently alter the sensitivity of patients. Indeed, the lips of the vulva have a very large number of nerve endings, participating in the phenomenon of excitation and the triggering of orgasm.

The silliest thing about it is that this vulva pruning frenzy was allegedly triggered by pornography. According to Kirsten Drysdale, an Australian journalist, the discomfort comes from the profusion of soft-porn visuals, featuring vulvas standardized by censorship. Indeed, in order not to be classified as pornography, the media smooth the nudity images of their female models, to obtain discreet genital details. Women around the world, more and more confronted with this kind of imagery, therefore compare themselves to photoshopped images and very far from real genital diversity.

The phenomenon is therefore increasingly important, and feminist groups have taken up the subject. On December 10, the UK group Feminista and the artists of The Muffia (pun on muff=pussy, and maffia) organized a march in London to warn of the abuses of this surgery qualified as design vaginal.

What’s the point of having a cat that’s aesthetically more pleasing to the eye if it loses its primary function as a pleasure machine?So girls, unless you want to look at your kitty like Narcissus in front of her mirror, let your frifri do its job. And leave your lips alone.


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Photo : Muff March Harley Street (Alan Denney)

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Does surgery want to butcher pussies?

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